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Top 7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Now

We have all experienced it. Putting things off, not doing what we believe needs to get done. Finally, we commit to the process and leap into getting our “stuff” done, and we are amazed at both how simple AND how energizing it was to complete all our tasks.

This Top 10 list keep you in action and out of procrastination. So what’s stopping you? Nothing except you. Don’t just stand there! Do something!

1. Be Vision Directed in the tasks before you. If your tasks do not match your values or purpose, naturally your heart will not desire to check that particular task off your list. Bring your task into congruence or take it OFF the list.

2. Begin and end each day with a solid foundation. Before you end your day, spend five to ten minutes reviewing your day. Take a moment to craft a plan for the next day. When you begin the following day, spend five or ten minutes reviewing your plan and revise as necessary. Also, be sure to spend some foundational time either in quiet contemplation or reading inspirational or motivational material.

3. Release yourself from perfectionism. One of the biggest challenges is believing everything has to be just so…..and therefore we don’t do anything if we can’t be guaranteed perfection. Either/Or thinking such as this is guaranteed to lead to stagnation. Practice saying, “Oh, well!” After all, what is the absolute worse thing that would happen from taking action?

4. Dream big while creating it one step at a time. With each step you get closer to the dream. With no steps at all: being stuck in procrastination, you will NEVER get there. Break your “to-do’s” into smaller, non intimidating chunks.

5. Balance planning and creating or doing. Keep your basic plan simple so you do not spend so much time planning what you want to do that you never get to do what you want to do. If you find yourself leaning into the frenetic planning place stop, take a break, and do a reality check. What is up with using planning as another method of procrastination? What is underneath the over planning? Are you vision directed? Is there congruency in your plan and your purpose? Are you expressing YOUR gifts as a part of your vision, or is there an overwhelming sense of “shoulds” on your list?

6. Delegate those tasks which are not invigorating to you. Either barter them, hire someone to do them, or make a request of a friend or colleague to assist in exchange for your assistance somewhere else. In this way, you will be able to check something off your list. It WILL invigorate you.

7. Join with a friend or a colleague to as an accountability partner. Schedule a regular time to check in either daily or weekly. Create momentum and watch as both your business and your dreams flourish right before your eyes!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Co-Founder of We Coach People Network: a Community for Coaches to Create a Webpresence and Methods for Achieving Coaching Success without Breaking the Bank. Find out more about this new site now: Visit her website:

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