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Don’t just Get Sales; Get Affiliates in the 2nd Tier!

Most affiliates get sales from the respective affiliate programs they belong to by selling directly to visitors.

But what about the 2nd Tier?

Many affiliates programs allow you to sign up affiliates under you so you can earn commissions from the sales that YOUR affiliates are making. This is commonly referred to as the 2nd tier.

However it is often ignored.

Many of the most successful affiliates have built a huge 2nd tier in their programs where they have hundreds of other people all earning commissions for them.

This means they earn a lot of their commissions from the indirect sales. It also means they do not have to concentrate so much on the direct sales. This frees up more of their time to work on promoting some of their other affiliate programs.

Think about the power of the 2nd tier.

You do one piece of work – getting an affiliate signed up under you in one of your affiliate programs.

Then each of those affiliates sell the particular product or service separately themselves. Any sales that they make, you make a commission.

The commission you make for the 2nd tier is much less than the direct commission. But if you have hundreds of affiliates under you, these many small amounts dwarf the 1 larger amount.

If they sell this week. You get paid. If they sell next week. You get paid again. And if they sell next month. You STILL get paid.

You get paid each time they get paid.

Some affiliate programs allow you to earn commissions from your affiliates for many years. So by doing a little work today you can be earning commissions for years to come.

So do not just sell direct to your visitors. Entice your visitors to become affiliates as well.

Show them the benefits of joining an affiliate program. Tell them how much money they could make. Motivate them to sign up as an affiliate under you.

In the long run this strategy will prove to be very successful for you.

Don’t forget the 2nd tier. It may be more valuable than you think.

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