Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Big Secret !

Do you really believe?

You can pay $24.95 for a program and make $5,000 within 30 days?

You can open a business today and quit your job in 2 weeks?

You can run a few ads and expect 800 orders?

It’s not going to happen!

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, or how you’re selling it, business is hard work. You need patience, persistence and stamina.

You must have a solid business plan and follow it to the tee. Making adjustments when necessary. You must make a commitment for the long haul.

If you expect to run a few ads and sit back waiting for the orders to roll in, you might as well go to AC or Las Vegas. The odds are probably the same.

This isn’t a hobby. For some reason over the years, many of us have lost the work ethic. We want instant gratification, instant success.

As marketers we don’t help the situation. Read some of the headlines.

“Make $5,000 A Week Without Working!”

“Just Mail Our Magic Letter And Watch The Cash Roll In.”

Forget the idea of getting something for nothing. If you aren’t willing to work hard, save your money for the lottery, you might have better luck.

Hard work pays off. The rewards are not immediate, but you WILL make more money over the long-haul. Work hard and give your customers high-quality. Repeat orders are the key to your success.

Let the word go out that you are honest and reliable.

Take pride in your business. Don’t cut corners. Ask yourself, would I do business with me? Would I want my mother to do business with me?

If you can answer yes, then success is only a matter of time and effort.

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi

John has been writing on the Internet for 5 years and has a
special gift for you. Sign up for your complementary e-Course
“How To Build Your Business With Free Advertising.” Visit:

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