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How to Keep Your Visitors Happy

We’re always being told about the importance of making our sites “sticky,” and everyone agrees it’s a great idea. The difficult part is trying to find ways to achieve this desirable state of affairs.

It sounds almost too simplistic to say that in order to keep people interested, you first have to know what interests them. There are four basic areas that interest every human being, and these are: sex, family, wealth and humour – not necessarily in that order.

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The adult sites have the sex side tied up, there are nearly as many genealogy and parenting sites as there are sex sites, and you don’t need me to tell you that the Internet abounds with sites that exist to help you increase your wealth. But that still leaves us with one other area of immense interest – humour.

Every site benefits from a little humour, and in this day and age, it doesn’t pay to take yourself too seriously, so think of how you can incorporate some fun into your site. Many sites will send you a joke-of-the-day and will give you permission to post this on your site if you include a link to them.

The drawback is that you have to constantly update your site. One way around this is to sign up for a service that automatically updates the material (similar to the news services). However, visitors may be so taken with the idea, that they’ll click off your page to sign up for the service themselves and never return.

The solution?

Provide your own material. We all seem to receive countless pieces of humour with our email, so why not set up a page where you showcase your favourites? Choose material that suits your site’s subject matter, acknowledge the sources and away you go.

Write101 is a site that focuses on writing, so it’s natural that any humour on the site will relate to writing, education, learning etc. If you’re having a bad day, there’s nothing like a chuckle to boost your spirits and help you put things into perspective. Recently, I received a photo that still sends me into guffaws and I’ve looked at it dozens of times. If you need a bit of a laugh, this should do it:

If you prefer something more substantial, how about the History of the World? You’re guaranteed to discover something new and wonderful here! Planning on writing that great novel that lurks inside us all? Get some tips on writing a best-seller here:

Take a look at your site, consider what you find funny and keep your visitors happy by offering them the gift of laughter.

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