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100 percent Flash

Embedding Flash movies into webpages isn’t that big of a feat. But, have you ever been to sites that have Flash movies strecthed across the entire browser window? Can you do that? If not, read on, because I’m going to show you how…

Defining Window Margins

By default, the ‘left-margin’ and ‘top-margin’ are set to 10/15 pixels high, respectively. Since we want our Flash movie to fill the entire browser window, set all of the page margins to zero:


Keep in mind that these margin declarations go in the body tag.

Creating The Flash Movie Table

Now, we can create our Flash movie container, which is simply a table. To fill the browser window, we’re going to create a table that is 100% wide and 100% tall, like this:


Notice that I’ve also set the cellspacing and cellpadding to zero, so that our Flash movie will be 100% tall and wide, stretching to the absolute edge of the browser window.

Embedding the Flash Movie

You can find this code just about anywhere, but it’s a good idea to include it in the context of our topic.

Using the table we previously defined, insert the Flash movie into the lone TD tag in the table element:


Notice the Flash movie dimensions in the object/embed tags. Both height and width are 100%, thus creating your 100%, browser filling Flash!

Keep in mind that this technique should only be used with Flash movies that are vector-based. Flash movies that contain bitmap graphics will not scale well, and your movie may appear pixelated.

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