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Turning the Internet Into Your Own Personal Cash Machine By Creating a Theme Store

One of the major keys to making money online is by developing your own Theme Store/World Center. I have heard it as both of these and also as the phrase “Community Building.” No matter what you call it, the principle is the same. If you want a successful business online, you have to become valuable to your visitors.

When your prospects think of a certain subject, whether it be Internet advertising, golf, pets, etc., you want them to think of you. For example, when you think of books online, what comes to your mind? For many of us, it is because they have a made a name for themselves in this area.

When prospects visit your site, is it valuable enough to them that they stop and bookmark it? Do they continue to visit your site week after week? Whenever they want to know about __________, do they visit your site?

Too many websites are just one quick sales presentation and it’s over. If you can’t convince your prospects of your value in your targeted market, then you will not ever reach your goals in your online business.

Below is a quick 7 step system to help you develop your “Theme Store” online!

1.) Choose a Target Market & An Ultimate Benefit

Step one is to choose a specific market and an Ultimate Benefit for your business. What benefit is your business going to focus on? Is it on “Internet Marketing?” Is it on “Copywriting?” Is it on “Pet Care?”

You have to choose a market and then find out what their needs, their desires, and their fears are. Then, aggressively pursue fulfilling those needs with the right products and/or services. What is the Benefit of your website? Make sure to write a “Killer” headline that goes with your lead benefit.

Everything you do will be to focus on this market and make them more successful…

2.) Find a Lead Product

You need to have a lead product on your site. I have tested both the department store approach and the single product approach to my websites. Selling a single product has usually outsold having lists of products online.

Having too many products can confuse your customers. They can’t figure out which product they want to buy, and they don’t buy anything. The way to combat this is to offer ONE lead product, then have various secondary and backend offers for other products/services in the same market. Your lead product receives the most focus on your website, with your autoresponders, and in your newsletter.

3.) Find Secondary Products to Increase Your Profit Flow

You should always have a backend to any business you are in. You can do this through having other products/services on your website which can increase your profits. Look for affiliate programs which go along with your primary benefit.

You can also participate in Joint Ventures with other companies by finding products which you know will benefit your market…Call or mail the company and offer to JV with them for their product on a profit split. This is a great way to add to your profits because you will experience the best sales rates through these endorsement offers.

4.) Develop a Client Centered Website

Make sure your website is focused on your targeted market. It needs to be full of benefits for them. Way too many websites just focus on the owner, the company, or the products. You have to focus on your prospects and their desires.

Make sure to answer the BIG question every prospect asks of your website…”What’s in it for me?” Answer that question, and you will make money online.

5.) Create Your Own Ezine

The internet is quickly dividing up into those who make money online and those who do not. The dividing line is whether or not you run your own ezine. I could run through a dozen benefits of running your own ezine, but suffice it to say that it is the primary way you stay in touch with your prospects and customers online.

Even if you can’t write your own articles, many other publishers will allow you to use theirs for Free. Check out for a list of some of the ones available for you to use.

6.) Set Up Community Building Tools for Maximum Traffic

What type of Traffic Building tools do you have at your website? If you expect people to come back to your site or recommend other people visit your site when it is only a sales letter, you can forget it. It has to give them a reason to come back.

I know of some websites who get 500,000 hits a month on just on their message board without spending a PENNY on outside advertising. Have you thought of putting one of your site? Classified Ad Sites, Postcard sites, Reminder services, and magazine sites can all have the same kinds of effects.

Give people a reason to come back to your site…

7.) Start Advertising Aggressively

Although I use and recommend using Free advertising for the foundation of your website growth, you still will need to use some paid advertising if you want maximum traffic at your site.

Using banner advertising and ezine advertising can both be effective ways of increasing your website traffic. Also, never forget off-line advertising! Many websites are achieving amazing results by using postcard decks as their primary traffic building tool. Go to a search engine, and search for “Postcard decks” and you will find dozens of sites which come up with this type of marketing.


If you want to be successful online, you need to become the source for your industry online. Find your targeted market and started meeting their needs and desires. Give them your Ultimate Benefit using traffic plug-ins and aggressive advertising!

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