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Books similar to Stargate

If you’re looking for books that capture the spirit of Stargate, with its blend of military science fiction, exploration of ancient cultures, and team-based adventure, here are some recommendations:

1. The Lost Fleet Series by Jack Campbell

  • Books: Dauntless, Fearless, Courageous, Valiant, Relentless, Victorious
  • Overview: This series follows Captain John “Black Jack” Geary as he leads the remnants of the Alliance fleet back home through enemy territory. It combines space battles, strategic military maneuvers, and exploration of various alien cultures.

2. The Expeditionary Force Series by Craig Alanson

  • Books: Columbus Day, SpecOps, Paradise, Black Ops, Zero Hour, Mavericks, Renegades, Armageddon, Valkyrie, Critical Mass, Brushfire, Breakaway
  • Overview: Starting with Columbus Day, this series follows Joe Bishop and his team as they deal with various alien threats and explore the galaxy. The series features humor, military action, and complex alien politics.

3. Old Man’s War Series by John Scalzi

  • Books: Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades, The Last Colony, Zoe’s Tale, The Human Division, The End of All Things
  • Overview: This series begins with John Perry, who joins the Colonial Defense Forces at the age of 75 and is given a new, younger body. The books combine military action, exploration, and the challenges of interspecies diplomacy.

4. The Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein

  • Book: Starship Troopers
  • Overview: This classic military science fiction novel follows Johnny Rico through his training and battles in the Mobile Infantry, offering a mix of military strategy, political philosophy, and alien encounters.

5. The Frontlines Series by Marko Kloos

  • Books: Terms of Enlistment, Lines of Departure, Angles of Attack, Chains of Command, Fields of Fire, Points of Impact, Orders of Battle
  • Overview: Set in a future where humanity is at war with alien species, this series follows Andrew Grayson, a soldier in the North American Commonwealth, through intense battles and interstellar conflicts.

6. The Legacy of the Aldenata Series by John Ringo

  • Books: A Hymn Before Battle, Gust Front, When the Devil Dances, Hell’s Faire
  • Overview: This series follows the Posleen War, where humanity must defend itself against an alien invasion with the help of allied alien species. The series mixes military tactics, alien technology, and interspecies alliances.

7. The Honor Harrington Series by David Weber

  • Books: On Basilisk Station, The Honor of the Queen, The Short Victorious War, Field of Dishonor, Flag in Exile, Honor Among Enemies, In Enemy Hands, Echoes of Honor, Ashes of Victory, War of Honor
  • Overview: Following the career of Honor Harrington, a captain in the Royal Manticoran Navy, this series features space battles, political intrigue, and the exploration of alien cultures and technologies.

8. The Stargate Novels

  • Books: There are numerous novels based directly on the Stargate series, expanding on episodes and introducing new adventures for the SG-1 team. Titles include Stargate SG-1: Trial by Fire by Sabine C. Bauer, Stargate SG-1: Sacrifice Moon by Julie Fortune, and many others.
  • Overview: These novels are directly connected to the Stargate universe and provide additional stories featuring the same characters and settings from the TV series.

These book series offer a mix of military science fiction, exploration, and interstellar adventure that fans of Stargate are likely to enjoy.

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