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Will You Succeed On The Internet?

To properly evaluate this you must first establish why you want to succeed on the Internet. If your why is not strong enough you will not succeed.

The statement that you want to make a lot of money is not sufficient. You must know why you want to make a lot of money. Is it to get out of a job or occupation you no longer enjoy? Is it to be able to send your children to a private school or major college? Is it to get rid of a car that will hardly run and get one that actually starts when you turn on the ignition switch?

Is it to be able to spend more time with your family or on your favorite hobbies? Is it to be able to give more time and money to your favorite organizations and charities? Is it to be able to spend as much time on the Internet as you wish? What is your why?

This list of questions could continue virtually forever. No other person can answer these questions for you. It is something you must determine for yourself.

Whatever you eventually determine your why to be, it must be strong. Success on the Internet does not occur easily or quickly. You will encounter problems, frustration, disappointment, obstacles, scams and many other roadblocks.

When your why is strong enough, none of that matters enough to stop you. Your why keeps you going in the face of all resistance. And a truly strong why overcomes all obstacles and leads to success.

You will have much to learn about the Internet on your path to success. Some of the things you will have to learn are selection of a product or service, web site design, where and how to place ads, copywriting, customer service, email systems, autoresponders and their use, the different marketing programs and software available, and how to find and use the best resources.

The things you will encounter on the Internet range from those of excellent value and utility to those with almost zero value. Wisely choose only those items that match your methods of operation and personality, for these will prove most valuable to you.

It stands to reason that if a program does not match your personality or methods you will not use it effectively.

The sheer volume of information on the Internet is simply overwhelming, particularly for those new to the Internet. A strong enough why gives you direction and focuses your efforts, making the Internet manageable.

In conclusion, before starting an Internet business list all the reasons you need to succeed on the Internet. Then go through these reasons and determine the strongest.

Take the reason you have selected and consider it from every possible angle. Is it strong enough to keep you going in the face of resistance, frustration, obstacles and disappointments? Is it strong enough you get excited any time you think about it?

When you can give a positive answer to these questions you are assured of success on the Internet. It may not happen overnight, but it is inevitable.

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