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What’s in a Listing? Do a Search of your Site or Ezine.

Recently while doing a search for content to put in my ezine, I thought I might see just how many listings I had for my ezine,”Dee’s Helpful Info.” I typed my ezine name into the search bar and hit enter. I was amazed with the results. There were several hundred listings, many of which I had forgotten about. I began with the top listing,working my way though the huge list. Right away,I ran into problems.

1] I did not have Id’s and passwords for some of the listing updates.As a new entrepreneur months ago,I used Netscape 4.7,which had no ability to keep these important pieces of information.I recommend using Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher along with a great little companion,Gator! Both remember these tidbits of information for you.Gator will accept more than I user,and my children wouldn’t be without him.You can download the most recent version at

2] Once I viewed my listing,I was shocked at the information listed. This really is old content,I thought. The summary: Update often! At least monthly and keep a list of the sites you submit a listing to. I had not only increased subscribers by hundreds,but I also designed a new web site, and these listings sent everyone to a “non-existent” site! And to top this all off, my subscription address had also changed. I started out using Aureate Group Mail,progressed to listbot, got all settled in and listbot I moved on to Topica.The moral of this tip:If you make any important changes, UPDATE!

3] Moving down the list…Now we have a new problem,we can’t update this listing because there is no contact e-mail or login box.Be careful of sites like this one.

4] Now we are finding listings not related to my newsletter at all.Why? The key words are Dee’s, Helpful,Info. and Newsletter. One or all of these describe many other listings not related to my newsletter.Maybe I should change our newsletter name?

Now lets change to another search engine. I have tried several but lets face it, Yahoo is the best. Now you ask…..what’s the point to this article? The point is…your losing business if your listing is not correct! A wrong e-mail address, or web site url,can take away business from your site. Always stay a step ahead.. UPDATE YOUR LISTINGS OFTEN!

@Copyright Dec. 1, 2000 By Donna Sweat Publisher/Editor Dee’s Helpful Info.Newsletter This article my be reproduced as long as the content and resource box remains intact.

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