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10 Ways To Make Your Product Look Affordable!

1. Divide the price by how many benefits the product has. For example: “You’re only paying $1 for each benefit!”

2. Offer a mail in rebate. For example: “Our product costs $37, but you’ll only end up paying $20 with our rebate.” Most people won’t mail it in anyway.

3. Give your prospects a ton of bonuses. If you can’t afford to give many bonuses you could create some low or no cost e-information products.

4. Write as many benefit bullets as you possibly can. The more benefits your prospects see; the easier it will be to sell your product.

5. Give your prospects an easy payment plan. Just divide the price into by the number of payments you can afford. For example: “3 Payments Of $9.95”

6. Tell your prospects they could join your affiliate program. For example: “You only need to make two sales to make up the cost of buying our product”

7. Give your prospects a high price then lower it while they are reading your ad copy. For example: “You can buy it for $20; but today it’s only $12!”

8. Tell your prospects if they refer only three people that buy, you will give them a refund for they’re full purchase price.

9. Explain to your prospects they don’t need to pay for a certain period of time. For example: “Don’t pay for a full 3 months!”

10. Give your prospects the option of buying a lower priced or a higher priced version of your product. For example: “Get the deluxe version for only $10 more!”

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