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10 Ways To Electrify Your Sales Letter And Pull More Sales!

Electrifying, razor-sharp “bring in the money” sales letters and ads can be yours when you follow these simple rules….

1) Write Like You’re Talking To A Friend — Really. People buy from people they like … so show them you’re someone they know by writing in a conversational, friendly tone.

2) Put Your Product’s Biggest Benefit Up Front — Advertising doesn’t pull as well as it can when using a clever little headline. Instead it’s better to drop a huge benefit (your product’s BEST benefit), right in front of the reader’s face.

3) Define Your Letter’s Purpose Before Starting To Write — What exactly do you want your prospect to do after reading your letter? Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to try a free test-drive of your product? By determining what you want them to do before writing, your copy will head towards that goal from the first word.

4) Create Short Sentences And Paragraphs — A good rule of thumb to help keep sentences short is that you should only express one thought for each sentence. That way the copy has a fast, easy to read flow that keeps the reader engaged.

5) Use Commanding Language Towards The End Of Your Copy — Whether you’re writing a classified ad or a 15-page sales letter, the end of your sales letter should give an order. What do you want the reader to do? Tell them. “Click the link and order now”.

6) Use Your P.S. — Your P.S. will get read. Trust me. And the way to make it work for you is to restate your offer in a different light. That way, if your heading grabbed them, the restate and added benefits of your P.S. can tighten your hold and force them to read the rest of your sales letter.

7) Tell A Story About Your Product — People love to read about a product they’re interested in. And a real life story about something the product has done to improve someone’s life is a powerful motivater and credibility builder.

8) Appeal To Your Reader’s Dream — What does someone expect to received from your product? What do they really want? And can they picture themselves getting it from ordering your product? By helping your customer visualize themselves being a happy customer after their decision to order you’ll make more sales.

9) Keep Your Readers Centered On Your Offer — Present them with questions that keep them interested and make them think. “Are you ready to take your business to the next level”? “Are you willing to invest in your financial future?” “Can you really afford to walk away from this offer”?

10) Write Your Ads From Your Customer’s Perspective — Put yourself in his or her shoes as you compose it and really feel what someone visiting your site is feeling.

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