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Twelve Principles For Success On The Internet

Most, if not all, who have enjoyed a relatively great degree of success in their Internet ventures will agree with the following:

1. Have your own web site and domain name. The benefits of this are that you have a shorter URL, it is more memorable, and it gives you more credibility. You also have more control over what is presented on your web site.

2. Identify your niche and your market. If you don’t know who you are selling to it won’t make any difference what your product is. Fishing enthusiasts won’t have much interest in hunting equipment. Untargeted advertising is a waste of time and money.

3. Strive for a high ranking in the search engines. While most experts agree you get a lot of traffic from a good ranking in the search engines, they will also tell you not to spend a lot of time seeking a high ranking. You wind up spending so much time on it that it becomes counter- productive.

4. Develop or obtain a product suitable for your niche and target audience. Here again, you would not try to sell make-up to a male audience. Your product must match the needs or wants of your target audience.

5. Advertise, test and track. Create ads that are effective and continually test them to insure you are obtaining the results you desire. The experts continually stress that you must test, test, test. You won’t know how effective your ads are unless you track them.

6. Write articles and get them published in the various ezines across the Internet. This is one of the better ways to establish your credibility and gain maximum exposure.

7. Publish your own ezine. This is the absolute best way to establish your credibility and gain response to your ads. You can also grow a large list of opt-in subscribers who actually accept advertising from you.

8. Become an affiliate for a program which has all the necessary support, products in great demand, and a good payout for your efforts. This can also create streams of residual income. It also keeps you from, so to speak, having all your eggs in one basket.

9. Join news groups and discussion lists which fit into your niche. While blatant advertising is not normally permitted, most will allow you to use a signature file which is quite effective in advertising.

10. Develop a viral marketing strategy. Create a program, ebook, or something else that people would like to have. Include your links in it and give it freely to the world. The better it is, the more quickly it will spread across the internet, and the greater return on your investment in it.

11. Use autoresponders. Smart autoresponders can send a series of up to 20 follow-up messages to your prospective clients. You should follow up with your message at least seven times for it to reach maximum effectiveness.

12. Be persistent and consistent in all your efforts. Set up a schedule for advertising, web site maintenance, article writing and submission, ezine publication and all the other items stated above. Follow that schedule as closely as possible and be consistent and persistent in following it.

There is nothing new or earth shaking in any of the above. These same principles have been promoted across the Internet for several years. Every Internet marketing program on the Internet specifies one or more of these principles as a foundation for success in this medium.

Incorporate all of these into your marketing efforts and watch your income steadily increase. Always remember that nothing has been developed or invented that cannot be improved. Set some time aside to consider those things now used for marketing and seeing how they can be changed to be more effective.

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