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The secret to leading a successful life , Is within all of us !

Let me begin by saying “that he who seeks shall find” A very true and old saying from the bible.

I came into the online sales environment from a past with no sales experience or organization skills,what so ever. What chance did i have off being successful ?

I went searching for some important answer’s.And what i keep seeing and reading about was a consistent pattern of habits. Habits, that have always been in reach of those who are willing to embrace them as there own.

Now armed with a more positive mindset and allowing God to enter my life and spirit,iam building a stronger, more successful sales organization, in my Network Marketing business.

Below you will discover what I have discovered ,in my pursuit to achieve a higher understanding in what it takes to be successful in business and life.

“God has given you a choice!The choice to think.”Do not Under estimate the power off your creative potential.

Positive Attitude: This is fundamental in creating a mindset that Will accept and explore all idea’s that will help you in your journey to accomplish your goal’s.Cast aside all negative thoughts and doubts.And you will unlock the doors to your hidden potential.

Goals: A funny thing happens when you write down Your vision in a serious of long and short term goals!Your subconscious mind will start to accept this as Absolute truth.Write them on a card that you can carry around with you.On a regular basis read them out loud to yourself ,as if you where talking to someone.”This must be done with conviction,otherwise it will not work.”

Absolute Faith: This is the foundation on what all success Is built upon.Without it you will never realize your true Creative spirit that God has bestowed on You.Believe in what you have set out to do. You have the ability to overcome all obstacles that lay in your path. With total Conviction,your Success will be inevitable!

Take Positive Action: Without it, all that has been said before will not happen.Let’s face it. No one,not even God will do the work for you. To get the result’s you need to take appropriate action.

” As a man thinketh,so he shall become” By creating a image of yourself being successful in your future, you will undoubtedly become the creation of your own image.

These Habits are not new habits.I don’t own them,as no one person or entity can own them.They are just a few of many such habits.But if you understand and act upon them,You will cause a fundamental change; in not only your life,but in all those who you come into contact with on a daily basis.

Understanding yourself will give you a greater understanding of other people.

We are all apart of the same spiritual entity, that governs the laws of nature and beyond.

Here i list two books that have helped me to understand

The Science of Getting Rich By Wallace D Wattle

You Were Born Rich By Bob Proctor

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