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The Reason 4 Reason

I finally got to play around with Reason ( the FULL Version ) this week and I’m in LOVE. This program is the best program that I’ve ever seen for making Techno loops/songs. I played with it for hours on end!

There are so many effects and tons of options. You can do just about anything you want to do with this program. The only problem is that it costs about USD$300 – $400 (Depending on where you look).

When downloading, the sound bank for the trial version is very small. However, when you get the full version, you have over 500 megs of sound files for your loops.

Propellerhead also offers “refills” which can help you expand on the software.

You can program every note, drum beat, bass line, voice, or whatever you want. It’s AWESOME! It’s also a great program if you’re into composing techno. I mean IT’S GREAT!!

You have your hardware interface, 16 channel mixer, Delay, Reverb, Subtractor Synth, Digital Synth, EQ Compressor, DR Rex player, Chorus, Flange, and more. Plus, you can connect this program to other Propellerhead programs to make some awesome music. You can even choose how to hook up your digital hardware just like you would if you had the real thing, except you don’t have to worry if you have enough cords, or how long they are or whatever!

From what I read, the only limitation to how many sounds, patches, etc., you can add to the program is the speed of your computer. That’s right. Your only limitation is your hardware! Pretty cool, huh?

Here are some loops I made with Reason:

They aren’t the best in the world, but they are pretty groovy! Feel free to use them for your Flash movies.

loop1.wav – 1,378K
loop2.wav – 344K
loop3.wav – 344K

effect4.wav – 689K
effect5.wav – 689K

If you want some more information on Reason check out Propellerheads site:

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