Thursday, July 25, 2024

The Power Of Patience

Have you ever wondered why some marketers make money so easily?

They’re probably not any smarter than you.

So why are they making money, when you seem to struggle to get an occasional sale. I asked myself that for the longest time. Finally I realized the marketers making money had a core program and stuck with.

In contrast, I’d make a few sales and then hopped on the next program. I made money, but boy was I working for it. Finally I decided to pick a program and stick with. If sales were slow I’d stick it out.

I decided on my vehicle and started to promote. Then I started to have my doubts. I had 19 sign ups on my first level and no sign ups on my second level. Man, it’s going to take me forever to build a downline by myself. That’s ok, I’m here for the long haul.

Guess what happened?

I kept signing up first level members and all at once I started noticing my second level growing. Wow, maybe somebody’s going to give me a little help! I decided to stick it out. Now there were two of us building a downline. A few days later I noticed my second level growing faster than my first. Wow, maybe it does pay to be patient!

Where am I now? My downline is starting to put me to “shame”.

Patience Paid Off!

In the words of Napoleon Hill, “Don’t stop three feet short of your goal.” Patience and Persistence will go a long way in helping you on the “ride up the hill.”

Wishing You Success, John

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