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The Goal Map

You have the ability to attain whatever you seek; within you is every potential you can imagine. Always aim higher than you believe you can reach.

So often, you’ll discover that when your talents are set free by your imagination, you can achieve any goal. If people offer their help or wisdom as you go through life, accept it gratefully. You can learn much from those who have gone before you. But never be afraid or hesitant to step off the accepted path and head off in your own direction if your heart tells you that it’s the right way for you. Always believe that you will ultimately succeed at whatever you do, and never forget the value of persistence, discipline, and determination. You are meant to be whatever you dream of becoming. — Edmund O’Neill

When one starts out drawing the map of the journey of their life there are some rules to mapping this journey. “Thank Goodness for at this point I feel so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start,” you say.

Ok let’s begin the journey of a lifetime starts with the first step. Sometimes these steps are staggering and indecisive but they get stronger with each step one takes. Success is a choice. You must decide what you want, why you want it, and how
you plan to achieve it. No one else can, will, or should do that for you. Start in the moment. The Power is always in this moment. So say you want a new job. Start by doing your very best on the job you have.“What” you say,” But I want another job, one that pays more, the hours are better, and a job where I  am appreciated” We always have to start where we are. Start paying attention to all that you do. Do it with excellence, then that task will be successful. Success builds on itself. So make each day a success and you will have that new job in no time.

Be grateful for the work you have. I can’t say enough about being grateful for what we are grateful for expands. If we feel real gratitude for the work we have and look for the good things about our work we are aligning ourselves with the Universe and the Universe will respond. You will be in that new work you want before you know it.

So you are dreaming  the impossible dream. Start with making a map of your journey. It is always better to have a clear map when you go on a trip. This impossible dream is making your life the way you want it so investing in a map or a clear plan is worth all the time you spend on it. . Staying focused is a close relative to being decisive, but your ability to sustain your focus from beginning to end determines the timing and condition of your outcomes. Again the outcome lot depends on:

1. Your belief in yourself. Your ability to keep on trudging when things fall through or the going gets rough. 

2. Be persistent, especially in those times when we lose the belief that this impossible dream can come true.

3. Stay focused, if you scatter your power to the wind then you lose power that you need to make this dream come true.

4. Only do today”s work today. Do not try and do too many things at once. Do one thing at a time with excellence. When we try and do too many things at once we lose touch with ourselves. We become too tired to go any further. This is the time to stay.

5. Have long talks with yourself, see where you are on this journey.

6. Take a day or a week off. Rest but then when you are refreshed renew your journey toward your dream.

7. See yourself already having your dream, like the little girl who knows under the Christmas tree is the doll she dreamed off. In her minds eye she is already playing with the doll. Or the little boy that sees himself riding his new bike, he feels the wind in his hair .Remember that feeling of anticipation, no one could of told you that Santa was not bringing the doll or the bike.

8. Accepting delays is a important part of any map. We have no choice but to accept temporary obstacles.. You have no choice but to expect it as a temporary condition on the path way of progress. Rather than becoming discouraged and quitting , the question is how to anticipate delays and redirect resources to grow from the experience. Delays gives one the incentive to go back to the drawing board and see where your map failed you, for you did not fail just part of the plan was not built on solid rock foundation. So learn from your experience and go on.

The game of life is won in the hours spent with oneself dreaming the Impossible dream. When you are open to a new path one will present itself. You must dig within your own unique perspective of life to find this dream and manifest it for it is yours and yours alone no other person can dream this particular dream.

Friends can advise, relatives can guide you with their experiences but it is your dream to manifest on this journey not theirs. Remember that Your future deserves consideration. It will someday be your present reality. It’s worth considering seriously. Some pitfalls that keep us from obtaining our goals is setting our goals to high or too low. One of the most frequent reasons why some people find so much frustration with their goals is because they set them too high. Creating goals that are unattainable not only makes it impossible to succeed, but it also creates a negative attitude towards oneself. “I knew I couldn’t do it.” Well, setting a goal to be a ballerina when you are 65 is probably not very realistic. When you set goals too high and constantly fall short you may just give up.

The reverse of setting unattainable goals is when goals are set too low, there is no motivation to work hard. When you feel like you don’t have to work that hard to reach your goals, you don’t think about them nor do you really care if you reach it. People do not have trouble keeping the goal in front of them if it is something they really want. But if it is just something they are settling for then they often lose interest. In order for people to feel compelled to work hard towards something, they must feel challenged. Setting goals too low decreases motivation and energy. So we go back to seeing in your minds eye the Christmas doll under the tree. You want her don’t you? You get excited when you think about brushing her hair, riding her around in a buggy. So reach for the stars! You have within the potential to move mountain. Set your goals so each step brings you closer to them but they are not quite in reach. This keeps one excited about the journey. When you set your goals make sure they are both challenging and attainable. This way you will be motivated to work hard and feel the rush of success when you accomplish your goals! Anticipation is sometimes as good as the  rewards of achieving the goal.

So go on make your map one step at a time. and remember it is good to have an end to journey towards which we are working, but it is the journey that matters, in the end……..


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