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Take Some Time To Plan

I know that all of us are eagerly awaiting the holiday break coming up in just a few short days. We all need some down time to recuperate from our hectic schedules. But in addition to relaxing and having fun, I encourage you to carve out some time to plan goals for your business for next year. As the saying goes, if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

I accomplished quite a bit this past year. I started 2001 with nothing, and today I’m running 4 internet businesses, each with it’s own website, and publishing 3 ezines.

All that happened without a mapped out plan at the beginning. I had a vision, but nothing written down.

I can’t imagine what 2002 holds, because I’m planning on mapping out some goals for my business so I have something concrete to aim at right from the start.

When you are planning your goals, keep the following in mind:

1) Make your goals obtainable, yet just out of your reach.

If you set your goals so high that you cannot possibly obtain them, then you will get discouraged and quit altogether. Yet you don’t want to make them so easy that you just overrun them every time. There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching a set goal. Stretch a little, and the victory will be sweet.

2) Break up your goals into several milestones.

As humans, we love instant gratification. If you set a goal for yourself that you cannot obtain until 6 months down the road, you’ll get tired of putting in all that work and not getting anything for it. Break up your goal into little milestones that you can check off. This way you’ll see that you’re making progress and stay inspired to keep going.

3) Visualize the attainment of your goal.

Your brain cannot tell the difference between a picture you are envisioning and a scene you are actually looking at. So daydream a little every day. Picture yourself obtaining your goal, and picture what your life is like after the goal has been reached.

If you make purposeful plans for your business and continually march forward a little every day toward your goals, before you know it, you’ll have reached them and be on your way to new goals.

Best of success to you in 2002!

Sharon Dalton Williams is the author of “How to Succeed and Live a Full

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