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Ranking Check Time-Saver Tip

When checking your site’s ranking under your preferred keywords in the search engines you’ll save a lot of time if you bookmark the results page of each keyword searched.

Let’s say you sell insurance and you’re checking your listing in Alta Vista under the keywords “insurance policy”, “life insurance”, “online insurance”, “accident cover”, etc. When the you type “insurance policy” in the search box, wait for the results page to come up and then bookmark it.

Before continuing, select edit bookmarks (or edit favorites) on your browser, and rename your new “Alta Vista search results…” bookmark something short like “AV – insurance policy”. Then return to the main window to check your ranking.

When you’ve finished looking at the listings under “insurance policy”, enter your next keyword to search, “life insurance” and bookmark the results page for that too. Rename this bookmark something like “AV – life insurance”. Continue in the same way for each of your keywords.

It may sound a little laborious, but actually it’s not and you only have to do it once. In future, whenever you want to check your ranking on Alta Vista under “insurance policy”, just use your “AV – insurance policy” bookmark. You will get the current results of a search for “insurance policy” just as though you had typed it in the normal (slow) way! You can do the same on all of the other SE’s too.

If you regularly check the your ranking in the search engines and have many keyword specific pages (as you should), taking the time to do this just once, will save you hours every month!

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