Saturday, June 15, 2024

Quick 5 Day No Investment Money Maker

In a quick hurry to get some cash for the holidays?

Here’s my simple plan that can put cash in your hand in under a week without spending a dime!

First, sign up for a free autoresponder. A quick search using a good engine will bring back more than a few options.

Second, create a free report to give out to anyone that asks. This can be an article of yours or simply some information that gives the reader something of value. Just make sure you have a hot title for it that’s going to drive people wild.

Third, create a series of follow up autoresponders. I would create at least seven, but more will yield better results.

Each message needs to have a grabber of a title so that the majority of those signing up will open it. One way to easily create messages that get opened is to stretch your free reports or articles over seven days. That way for someone to get the full benefit they have to open each message.

Fourth, place affiliate links in your messages that lead to products and services that directly compliment what you’re teaching the customer in your free reports. If you’re offering to show them how to get traffic to their site, then you can add affiliate links for books, reports, and services that help them learn more and get better search engine position.

Each time one of your links is clicked and a purchase is made you’re pocketing a percentage of the profits. And you can find a bucket full of affiliate programs by checking out Best of all, you can sign up for free.

And finally, your fifth step to making it all come together is getting the word out.

Since we’re not spending any money to make money, you’ll want to use an option that brings you free traffic. And the best way to do that is write an article.

Write one that is centered on the subject of your free offer and autoresponder messages. Then, in the bottom of your resource box you’ll place a grab them headline and your autoresponder’s e-mail address. Check my resource box out at the end of this article for suggestions.

Next you simply submit your article to some of the article announcement lists out there, which can be found by using a good search engine, then sit back and watch as money starts to flood your account.

This is the least expensive method I’ve come across to quickly put money in your hand. Use it right, and you’ll reap the rewards of a simple, free, fully automatic business.

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