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2 Killer eBook Marketing Tactics!


You probably know that by including your ad in a free ebook, then allowing others to give it away is a great way to spread your ad all over the internet. That worked good in the old days because hardly anyone knew about it, but now there are free ebooks almost everywhere. Because of this your free ebook ad has to be extremely persuasive and you must present it so people perceive it as valuable. I have a solution for this free ebook problem.

Write an entire ad for the ebook, as if you’re selling it, and actually set up an ordering option for your free ebook. You just give your prospects the option of getting it at no cost if they refer three of their friends, family members or associates to your web site. Another option would be to ask them to place your banner ad on their home page.

It’s very persuasive because they’ll get a product you’re selling for free, what a bargain! You could always sell it for an extra high price to increase it’s perceived value. So you’ll either make a huge profit or get a link on their home page.


Create an ebook full of tips relating to the theme of your web site. Type keywords into search engines that your web site would fall under. Contact the top twenty related web sites and ask them if they would like a tip ebook they can give away with their own ad place inside it. Just include your own ad inside it.

The web sites that agree to the deal will give you a lot of traffic. You can either put your promotional ad inside the ebook or have them link to your web page to give it away. Of course, on that particular web page would be your product ad. It’s a win/win situation.

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