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Increase Your Sales Drastically By Using Confidence

Does your sales letter display confidence?

I mean, does the reader really believe that you have confidence behind your product? Do you confidently show them that you know your subject, and through your selection of words and phrases, are you displaying confidence that this product is the one that will solve their problem?

Confidence makes us buy, because we begin to see that the person knows their subject. The lack of confidence in a sales letter shows us they don’t feel comfortable with what they’re saying. It comes across as unsure.

It might not sound like much. You’ve read that giving the potential customer specific benefits that offer a solution to their problem is the biggest hurdle. But the reality is sales depend on how you present your material as to build confidence in you as well as your product.

There was a time when I was a telemarketing sales manager. I know, but don’t hate me. Though I might have interrupted a few dinners or got you up off the couch, I am about to teach you something here.

My job was to teach telemarketing reps how to sell. I would center in on someone that wasn’t making any sales, listen in on them, then after a few calls I would let them listen in as I took one for them. I would mimic their sales pitch, using almost the exact same words that they did. But nearly every time I did this I would make a sale on my first call where they had struggled through about thirty pitches without even a nibble.

Why was I able to make a sale after only one call using the exact same words of a representative that couldn’t close a sale after 30 calls? Confidence my friend. It makes all the difference in the world.

So how do you apply confidence to a sales letter you’re writing?

Start by looking at some of the marketing pros out there. See the words and phrases they use to display confidence. If an online marketer is making money with their sales letter then they’re displaying confidence in it.

Check your sales letter. Do you sound confident in it? Are the words you’re choosing stating that you’re very sure about what you’re doing? Do you show that you’re the authority on the subject, and that to pass on the offer would be crazy? Of course, you might not say that, but your sales letter should reflect it.

Write your sales letter like the product is already sold, you’re just explaining what they’re about to get. For instance, use phrases like “You’re about to learn all the marketing secrets”, or “You are also going to learn”. Just keep in mind that the customer is already sold.

That’s not to say that you don’t want to write your sales letter in the traditional sense of selling a prospect. But you want to sprinkle it with phrases that assume anyone would make the purchase after seeing the benefits they’ll receive.

Another phrase to use is something like “You can’t afford not to purchase.” It shows confidence that the reader has to make the purchase or the results could be disastrous.

Remember though, that customers still need to feel in control of their decision. Using phrases like “You are going to buy” sound threatening. By crafting a letter that shows confidence, but doesn’t demand the customer to buy, you’ve got a powerful sales tool that will work for you over and over again. It’s a thin line, but with practice you will soon master it.

Confidence is to carry the assumption that the reader of the letter will buy. You know it, and soon they’ll know it. I find that by having this assumption when writing a sales letter I convey confidence in my product. It works; you just have to try it.

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