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How to Research on the Net

When you sit down to write, whether it be a short article or a full blown ebook, it’s smart to research your topic thoroughly before you begin. Even when you are writing about a topic that you are familiar with research will uncover recent news, developments, tools, techniques, and statistics. This information can shed new light on your topic and add a higher level of interest to your writing. I find it helpful to hunt down information in the search engines, article directories, and in resource sites. Below are my top resources for researching.

Here are the best resources for conducting research on the Internet.


I like to engage in a “power search” by using metacrawlers such as Google or Dogpile. These are directories that allow searches to go out to several search engines at once. What are some other popular search engines?

Here are the top picks from last year’s Search Engine Watch Awards held by Danny Sullivan.

  • Google was awarded for Outstanding Search Service and Most Webmaster Friendly
  • Ixquick and Dogpile for Best Meta Search Engine
  • Moreover for Best Specialty Search
  • Yahoo, Open Directory and FindLaw for the Hall of Fame.

    See what other writers have to say about a given topic. It may give you a new insight and broaden your perspective about your subject. Here are some article directories where you can find articles written by leading Internet marketers and other authors.

  • WebMomz –
  • by two well-known Internet figures Rick Beneteau and Rozey Gean
  • – fairly new, but a real up and coming article directory
  • – by Wild Bill Montgomery
  • by Shelley Lowery
  • Resource Sites and Statistical Data Sites

    My Favorite Top Ten Resource/Internet Statistic Sites

    1. – white papers about doing business on the net

    2. – terms, definitions, and acronyms in electronic commerce.

    3. – Lists a whole slew of companies who have ecommerce and market analysis statistics

    4. – tips for how to build a strong web presence

    5. – latest ecommerce and online business news

    6. – a conglomerate of news, links, product reviews, trends, and more!

    7. – Internet Marketing Challenge is private web site with tips and how to straight from the experts who are making it work. Current going rate for membership runs about $170 per year.

    8. – a wealth of information: features market research, advertising and pr info, marketing advice, ecommerce and general business info. Check out the Know This Virtual Library.

    9. – SitePoint offers everything you need to know to build your web site, marketing your business online, and profit on the Internet

    10. – this site features powerful articles and news about every aspect marketing online and ecommerce.


    So with advice in hand I wish you the best of success in digging up the dirt as you perform research for your next article or ebook. The research is easy when you know WHERE to look!

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