Thursday, July 25, 2024

How I Got $750 for My Pinkie Toe

You never really pay much attention to your pinkie toe until you nearly have it ripped from your foot.

Let me explain…

I love working from home. I get to spend huge amounts of time with my family, and I have the privilege of watching my son grow up. It’s a way of life I would trade for nothing else. Working in such an environment, however, does pose some hazards.

Our house is semi-toddler proof. As a result, gates are scattered throughout in an attempt (notice: I said “attempt”) to corral our adventurous little boy.

While running barefooted from the kitchen to my office to catch an important phone call yesterday, I did my best Edwin Moses and tried to hurdle the barricade outside my door. I nearly cleared it (oh you should have seen me), but my little friend did not. The gate gave way, and so did pinkie.

Despite the pain and blood, I sucked it up and didn’t go to the ER. Real men don’t go to the hospital for the such things. Today, however, as the area near my toe begins to swell and turn an unappealing blue, I shall have to reconsider.

Being self-employed, there are no paid sick days to be had, or many of the other trappings – um, I mean benefits – of the pseudo-secure corporate world. I’m the boss and there are deadlines to keep and bills to pay! (OK – I guess my laptop could accompany me on my anticipated ten hour waiting room stay.)

What I do have, however, is a premium membership in the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE)>. After reading through the fine print, it turns out benefits include $750 for ER visits (assuming you have a fracture or dislocation). Wow, seven fifty for my little toe! Who would have thought it’s worth that much?

If you’re self-employed, or among the throngs of folks recently displaced, laid off, or “made redundant” (can you believe that’s what they call it in the UK?), then check out NASE. Lots of perks and benefits, and membership packages range from $72 to $540 per year.

And you only need to break the smallest of digits to come out ahead.

Wishing you much success… Joe Chapuis

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