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Happy Emplyees are More Productive Employees: Small workplace-enhancing changes can reap big rewards

Happy Employees are More Productive Employees: Small workplace- enhancing changes can reap big rewards

It’s not surprising that employees cite compensation as the number one factor that makes them professionally satisfied these days.

What is surprising is that the comfort and aesthetic appearance of their physical workplace virtually ties with benefits for second place.

With an increasing number of people spending more time in their offices, the physical comfort, visual appeal and accessibility of their work environment become increasingly important. So pivotal, in fact, that the American Society of Interior Designers commissioned a 1999 nationwide study, “Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Employees – By Design” that revealed:

  • Employees who were pleased with their physical workplaces were 31 percent more likely to say they were satisfied with their jobs,
  • The physical workplace would impact 41 percent of employees and job seekers to accept a position, and
  • The quality of their physical workplace would influence 51 percent to leave a company.

Even more eye-opening is that an astonishing 73 percent were not satisfied with the physical workplaces at their current jobs.

Certainly these statistics give one pause, particularly given the high costs, headaches and loss of productivity associated with staff member turnover. Wouldn’t it make far better sense to keep valuable employees by making small, yet meaningful, cosmetic adjustments to their work environments?

“In this competitive marketplace, it is increasingly more important to focus on the appearance of the workplace,” explains Todd Imholte, president of Environmental Graphics, the leading producer of wall murals for home or office in the United States. “Studies have shown that employers who care about their employees and their work environment, have noticed more motivated and productive employees.”

Denise Ones, Ph.D., the Heller Vic Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota says, “We know that there is a strong relationship between motivation and productivity in the workplace. Employees who are motivated will be more conscientious, dependable and ultimately more productive.” Sage Publishing will release a book authored by Dr. Ones entitled, “The Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology” in September of 2001.

The Toyota manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Ky., for example, recently installed 44 of Environmental Graphics’ WallMurals throughout their production facility, labs and conference rooms. According to safety manager, Karen Wells, “The murals help bring the outdoors in, making the work environment a more positive and motivating place for the employees. When people look up at the wall, they see pleasant scenery instead of a plain, boring wall. We even let the employees pick them out!”

Murals can have a tremendous impact on morale and productivity and most companies have walls that accommodate murals. Murals are a cost effective way to make a big improvement on the workplace environment. Murals, like the ones from Environmental Graphics, cost around $100.

Recognized by The Olympian newspaper of Seattle, Wash. as a “hot look that just keeps growing,” many of Environmental Graphics’ eight-panel, 8 feet tall by 13 feet wide murals are nature-inspired and reflect positive energy-generating feng shui elements. Popular designs include Serenity, Oriental Garden, Hawaiian Sunset, Clouds, Morning Forest, Lake in the Woods and Desert in Bloom, as well as the company’s newest addition, Lighthouse Cove.

To view the complete line of wall mural designs and to get local dealer information, visit their Web site at or call toll-free (888) 205-3441 for a free brochure. To purchase Wall Murals, visit Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams or your local paint and wallcovering retailer. Murals can also be purchased on the Internet at

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