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Getting & Staying Motivated in Trying Times

It has been awhile since the devastating attack on America, yet many people are having a hard time continuing with their daily life and work. I think about the attack and all the peoples’ lives that were forever changed and torn apart and have a hard time also. It is a heavy load for us to deal with, but we must carry on the American dream and tradition.

There are many things we can do to help. Donations, volunteering, and giving our support are just a few ways to help. But we also must help America and keep her strong and brave! We can do this by keeping the economy going strong, continuing on with business and not letting the cowardly attackers get the best of the American people!

I am a member of many discussion lists and have read messages by several people who seem to be in a state of depression and lack of motivation that they cannot escape. I am hoping with this article to give some of these people the reason or motivation to go on with life and business.

If because of the attack on America or for some other reason you cannot get motivated enough, think about the questions and statements below.

What motivated you in the first place?

What were the reasons you first started your business? Do these reasons still apply. Think about why you got started and remember the motivation and excitement you had then. Use that to get going today!

Are you still passionate about your business?

You chose your business because you had a passion for it, right? Is that passion still there? Take another look at your business and what brings out that passion. You will probably find that it is still there waiting for you!

What will be gained or solved by not working?

Think about what will happen if you let your work go and your business die. What will be gained? Will you have helped the people affected by the tragedy? NO Will you have helped America? NO Will you have helped yourself or your family? NO! If you DO get back to work and grow your business you will have helped America, your family and yourself.

Does your work make you happy and proud?

How do you feel when you accomplish something in your work and/or business? Does it make you feel proud, happy, self-confident and self-reliant? These are feelings that you want to hold onto and working will help you keep these feelings!

Do you feel better about yourself because of your work?

The feelings you get when you bring your business to life make you feel good about yourself. Not doing anything and being unmotivated will not make you feel good about yourself and will just bring you down. It will also bring down the ones you love!

What does your work do for your family?

Your work is also important to your family. Income aside, the way you feel about yourself because of your business and/or work has a direct affect on how you treat your family and how they can relate to you. If you are happy, self-confident and feeling good your loved ones will be much happier and feeling good as well!

Think about all these reasons to carry on and I think your motivation will pick up enough to get back to business. Once back in business, you will be motivated even more.

If you are still having trouble, visit this site for guidance:

Not only are there links (towards the bottom) for helping people to cope after such a tragedy, but there are links for you to offer help or donations, which can be helpful to you as well. There is also a link for support groups, prayer groups and much more.

I hope I have helped you see some of the reasons that it is important to keep going and proceed with our daily lives. America will overcome and we can all help her remain strong!

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