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10 free resources you can use to grow your Internet business TODAY!

The Internet is growing by leaps and bounds. With that being true Internet business competition is getting stiff. You need to promote, promote, promote.

What is an Internet entrepreneur to do with a small or no ad budget? Well it is not required to spend large amounts of money to spread the word about your site. However, what you do not spend in money, you will spend in time. Believe me that is just as valuable.

There are a lot of useful resources out there if you look. The trouble is, you could spend hours, days, or even weeks searching for these free resources. I would like to save you some time and money. Here are 10 free resources you can use to grow your Internet business TODAY!

1. CafePress offers an interesting free resource. You can sign up for a free store to sell T-shirts with your company logo on them. It is simple really, you just upload your logo or image and they will place your logo on a T-shirt, coffee mug, or mouse pad, to sell to your customers. They also take care of customer service and handle all orders. Imagine your customers standing in line at the grocery store wearing a shirt with your logo and URL! Great form of off-line promotion. Free sign up.

2. Press releases are a great way to promote. Free publicity is a great way to receive free advertising. You could receive a lot of traffic if the media takes an interest in your business. You can receive access to a press release contact list of 1800 of the nations top business related newspapers and magazines by simply signing up. Known as Click Place Direct, you will also be informed of updates.

3. If you are in the need for a professionally designed web site, but are not experienced in HTML. Or if you do not have the time to create a nice looking web site, you can get outstanding free web templates at:

4. Need credit card processing for your site? Glo-bill- who once charged a set up fee is now free to sign up. This is a really fabulous service with lots of features. They provide you with a free affiliate program which allows you to offer commissions on two levels. This service is for subscription web sites- you can use this service for multiple web sites, if you have them. They provide you with the option to accept online checks and recurring billing is handled by them also.

5. You can have your web site submitted to 222,000 search engines, FFA’s, classifieds, and message boards. You can use this service as often as you like. You can even decide which sites you would like to be submitted to. This way there is no fear of being banned by the search engines for repeated postings- known as spamming the engines.

6. There are hundreds of message boards that accept advertising on the Internet. You can spend hours searching out these boards or you can access a list of 700 boards to post to immediately. Listed in an easy to follow layout, you can post quickly and easily.

7. At NameZero you can have your own domain name registered for free. Yes for free. There will be no charges from InterNic or elsewhere. No fees at all. They only require that your website display a frame with their advertisements. If you wish to not display this frame, it is only $15 dollars to transfer your domain to whatever server you like. There are no penalties for transfer, only the transfer fee of $15. If you do not wish to transfer your domain name is completely free! You can access this resources at:

8. Search engines are an important form of traffic. Listing is not easy. There is an outstanding web site offering free engine tools. Submit Corner offers free Meta Tag Generators, Robot Generator, Link Popularity Checker, and tools to find which engines are indexing your site. You are provided with a large amount of placement tools. All for free!

9. Ezine ads swaps are very popular ways to generate free traffic. If you form a good contact list, you will never need to pay for advertising again. These are quality ezine owners and with a little creativity may also be potential JV partners. There are many ezine owners are waiting to trade ads with you. In fact there is a site that lists over 500.

10. Idea site offers 403 ideas for marketing that you can execute right now. Guaranteed to keep your creative marketing juices flowing. They offer marketing ideas that you may not have thought of. Great free resource!

There are many more free resources offered that you can use to further your Internet business today. You only need to search for them. I hope I have given you a good head start.

Pam Renovato is the web master of Your Internet Marketing Power
House. She is also editor of a twice monthly free ezine. Receive
over $100 in free bonuses when you subscribe.

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