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Find Your Unique Buying Advantage And Watch Your Profits Grow

Clear positioning is critical for any product or service, whether new or existing. Without clear positioning it is hard to find or establish a Unique Buying Advantage (UBA).

The first thing to consider when working on your positioning strategy is the question “where do you come in first?” Then consider what key benefits you offer over your competitors. If you don’t already know what your customers think about your business, do some quick research to find out.

What’s the ONE WORD or phrase that comes to mind when customers think of your business? Is it service, price, selection, convenience, quality or something else? Do you really “own” that word or phrase in the customer’s mind? Does it reflect the position you want?

If you can’t think of that ONE WORD or phrase, then maybe you’re trying to be all things to all people. Narrow the focus. You can’t stand for something if you chase after everything.

Positioning is the marketing tool that helps prospects and customers identify what’s unique about your product or service and your company. This enables you to turn your positioning into creative advertising.

Use your positioning to give your advertising purpose, to give it a message, and to give it the appropriate tone. Then and only then, are you on your way to developing a good advertising strategy. Do that well and you’ll save money – and make money!

Positioning will guide you to make sensible decisions about when and where to advertise, and what message to communicate. It will help you with targeting and also help you identify what benefits you are selling.

The advertising will also need to project your business’ personality. Is it serious, fun or classy – positioning will help you decide. Armed with an advertising strategy, you are now ready to develop a creative idea – one that will dramatize that single-minded benefit or Unique Buying Advantage (UBA).

So, if you want to motivate customers to do business with you instead of your competitors then the answer is to clarify your positioning and find a UBA – one that you and you alone own.

Your UBA becomes the single most important factor that drives your business, your customers, your staff and most importantly, yourself!

Let’s face it, if you make a great promise to the market place, you have to back it up and so does your staff. Your UBA becomes the rudder. Once you and your staff know and understand your UBA, decision making, tactics and strategies become a piece of cake. Simply, if it doesn’t fit the UBA, you don’t do it.

If you do nothing else, please make time for this one marketing strategy. Your life will change for the better if you do.

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