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3 E-Publishing Income Strategies


Offer a customized e-information product instead of writing a whole ebook and guessing what info people will buy. Just let them decide. You could charge people to e-mail you five to ten questions that they want the answers to.

After they order, take them to a private web site where you would have a special e-mail address or form they could use to e-mail you the questions. You would then e-mail them back the answers to their questions. If you’re an expert, it will be pretty easy to answer the questions without any research.

You can also get away with charging a high price for customized information. You could charge a one time fee, per question or even a subscription fee. You would have to limit the number of questions they could ask every month unless you have a big staff.


Create an ebook to sell for a one time price. Then inside the ebook sell subscriptions to the monthly updates of the ebook. You’ll make money up front and still have a chance to make residual income. Plus, it’s an instant back end product.

You could either publish the updates via e-mail or on a password protected web site. The updates could be a few articles or full chapters. Every time you publish an update you could include an ad for another product you sell.


Give away your e-information products and make money by selling advertising space within the content you write. Your advertisers would have to be related to the subject of your content in order to blend in a subtle message mentioning their offer without sounding like an ad.

This e-info business model could be successful because it’s not like the in-your-face ads that people are known to ignore. People will read them because they’re actually interested in the content and have requested to read or download the e-info. Your advertisers will likely see a jump in their traffic and sales, if done correctly. Which means they will probably reorder advertising again and again.

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