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Close More Sales With A Strong P.S.

While a headline is designed to grab the reader’s attention, the P.S. is the workhorse of your sales letter that actually closes the sales and puts money in your bank account.

Statistics show that a strong headline is a must to hold the reader’s attention and propel them to dive into your letter. But once theyve been hooked by your headline, the averages show that most will scroll down to your P.S. and look for a brief, to the point summary of your offer. And with a strong P.S. you’re going to entice them to read your sales letter more thoroughly, or you’re going to immediately hook them and reel them in based on the power your P.S. contains.

Miss the mark, and you’re going to lose money.

Here’s my formula for creating hard-hitting P.S. messages that close the sell fast!

First rule; don’t mention the price in your P.S. unless you’re going to give a complete rundown including bonuses that makes the offer absolutely irresistible. To do this, you have to be confident that the shear mention of your complete offer and price is enough to sell it because once the potential customer knows the price they’re going to make the decision to buy or not.

Second, like writing a headline you want to give them your products biggest benefit. Again, this is used to lure the customer in and make them read more of your sales letter where you can give them specifics.

Third, give them the downside of not ordering. Let them know there’s a penalty and consequence of passing, and make it a strong one!

Fourth, break it up into a P.S. and P.P.S. if you need to. Have the first show a potential customer the strong benefit they’ll receive, the second showing your downside to not ordering now.

And finally, include an order link in your P.S. so if the customer has the urge they can buy immediately. A potential customer should never have to search for a place to order your product. If you make them, chances are good they won’t invest the time.

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