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Are You an MLM Slug?

A common feature found in many large American cities with traffic problems are early morning queues of people looking for free rides to work. These queues are the results of local municipalities creating High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on major thoroughfares as a means to combat traffic congestion. HOV lanes are limited to vehicles carrying a specified number of occupants, usually three.

Drivers that do not have the required number of occupants, will either stop at one of the queues to pick up riders or else forgo the use of the HOV lanes. In the local vernacular, people standing in the queues waiting for rides are referred to as “slugs.”

Slugs have been known to endure all kinds of weather, riding in the back seats of autos that should not have back seats as well as riding with drivers on the verge of road rage. It is truly amazing what slugs will endure for the sake of a free ride. Least of all, the uncertainty of catching a ride to make it to work on time.

Are you a network marketing slug? Leaving your goals and success in the hands of others, particularly your sponsor? Have you bought into the idea that it is your sponsor’s responsibility to build your business?

Unfortunately, there are too many ads and schemes that use the “free ride” approach to sponsoring. The “We Will Do All the Work” and automatic downline building systems attempt to entice people in joining. This approach of “throwing it against the wall and see what sticks” approach attracts, for the most part, slugs who are looking for a free ride. This is the quickest way to build an organization of do nothing, waiting for success distributors.

The only responsibility your sponsor should have is pointing you in the direction of the skills and resources to help sell the company product and sponsor new distributors. The “process of pointing” should include helping match skills and resources with goals and preferences. I have never been convinced that the “cookie cutter” approach works. While some distributors thrive going door-to-door, this approach absolutely terrifies others as does telephone cold calling.

Look at the successful people within your company. I doubt that any of them stood in a queue waiting for their sponsors to build their businesses for them. The successful networker established specific goals to achieve. They are the drivers with specific destinations and plans to arrive as scheduled.

The successful networker has learned about the company and product, as well as the necessary activities to succeed. They learned the process of repeating the required steps reading company product literature, attending meetings and contacting people. Attending meetings and reading company literature continually reinforces the learning process and builds confidence. Contacting people reinforces product and knowledge of the company and its processes. Contacting people is the process of transferring knowledge that the prospective client does not possess. The exchange of knowledge between you and the prospective client ultimately leads to the exchange of money for product.

If you have the burning desire to make a change in your life, then there should be no roadblocks to prevent you from getting what you want.

Be a driver, not a slug.

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