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$$$ and Sense Ezine Advertising Strategy

The strategy bit (this article) is free! I am going to show you some excellent sources for ezine ads at just $2.00 each or less and show you how to get the very best results from using them. They are effective and you will get results if you follow a planned strategy for success.

2Bucks an Ad Advertising

TwoDollar Ads

First of all, you need a good business, product or service. Shouldn’t that go without saying? Secondly, you must have a good ad that tempts, teases and grabs attention. Third, your follow-up or website must do it’s job of selling, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Avoid using “canned” ads and well-known program URLs, especially here because these services are busy. Your ad could end up being published right next to an almost identical one, because they are run in order of “first come, first served”. It HAS already happened. Which would you click?

Then follow a plan like a military campaign How exactly?

OK, each of these services have several groups of ezines. When you decide what you can afford, you’ll choose to advertise in a certain group or groups. Work out now what you can afford to spend on a weekly basis and stick to that budget. Here’s how to get the best from the system:

Study the lists and look at samples or at least descriptions of the ezines so you can pick what looks like it will be the best match with your offer first. Especially if you order multiple groups, make a note of the ezine names and which group they are in.

Prepare your ad and make sure that you track it. Read my article on tracking Code your ad so that you will be able to identify:

The advertising program name The group your ad was published in The week number of your ad (see below)

Place your ad in the group or groups you chose, get your confirmation messages and make a note of the dates your ads will run and where. Back of a cigarette packet will do, spreadsheet would be better!

One week later. Irrespective of whether your ads have run or not, place the SAME ads again in the SAME groups. Don’t be tempted to move around aimlessly or to “spice up” your ad. Some ezines will have long wait times, so if you book again one week on, you’ll most likely be in line for the following week after your first ad. Nope, you will never make millions off one ad. You must repeat, repeat, repeat …

Repeat step 4 for at least 4 weeks in total.

On the fifth week move onto another group or groups that look good for your target. This time, remember to change your tracking code, not just for the week, but also for the group/program.

Keep rotating through the groups on this place once a week for 4 weeks, schedule. It WILL take a long time to test all if you only buy ads in one group a week, but I promise that if you do it this way, the little money you can spend, will be spent wisely.

As responses come in, count them and note them against the relevant ads on your schedule. Look at the results you are getting.

Do week 1, 2, 3 or 4 ads pull better results? Do certain groups generate more responses? Add your own findings

When those responses begin turning into sales, start putting the money back in to additional groups.

When you are through ALL, go back over your results tracking and find the best. Pick a short-list of maybe the top five groups that have performed best for you. Which week got the highest return? Your final strategy should be to place THAT number weeks ads in rotation in those five groups and just repeat, repeat, repeat …

Sound boring to you? Think it’s a worthless exercise? OK then, try it another way. Place loads of different ads in any old group, at any time, not necessarily the same ones twice and watch your money go down the drain. Try the above, your bank manager will thank me if it works!

There, that’s my 2 cents worth on 2 dollar advertising!

PS: If you are not convinced that this is worthwhile, read their testimonials. I assure you this may be cheap, but it is very cost-effective advertising when used properly.

Copyright 2003 Pamela Heywood
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