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A Lesson In Perseverance

Would you like to invest $375.000.00 in your business, work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for an entire month and only see a return of $800.00 for your efforts?

In 1981, Peter J. Rose started a new freight forwarding company called Expeditors International. The beginning of his efforts saw those same results.

Every day, he and his partner would walk the streets of San Francisco looking for customers. Every night they would sit in a tiny two-desk office waiting for the phone to ring.

That first month, the only call they ever received was the one time Rose’s partner called just to see if the phone actually worked!

Despite that pitiful start, with an investment of $375,000.00 hanging over their heads, Rose remained bound and determined they would do anything to make this venture become a success.

He offered more and better service to his potential customers than anyone else. They would make themselves available for 24 hour around-the-clock service and would do just about anything their customers might need.

Potential customers finally began to notice that Expiditors International was a company that stood out amongst all the others because they were willing to go “the extra mile”. Further, Expiditors developed a reputation for doing what they said they would do and then be there for their customers.

19 years later, Expiditors Int. shows nearly $1.45 billion in revenues. Wall Street has placed a value on the company of almost $3 billion.

Rose says this, “The company’s success is a testament to what can happen when you’re determined to succeed.”

Peter Rose never graduated from high school. Yet, he has given top

priority to educating himself concerning his business and in making sure

that the 7,000 employees of his firm are kept up-to-date and knowledgeable.

He has made sure to show his employees everything from the basics of how to change typewriter ribbon, fix postage machines, and fill copiers with ink.

His thoughts are: why pay a technician $100.00 to take a stuck piece of paper from a copier when you can do it yourself.

To keep his business on top, Rose says, “You can’t take anything for granted – ever.”

“We don’t go into other people and say, ‘Here we are, aren’t we wonderful?’ We said, ‘Give us an opportunity, you won’t be disappointed.'”

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