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Google’s Nexus One Phone: Pricing and Position in the Market

The mysteries surrounding the upcoming Nexus One, often referred to as the Google phone, might now be clearer. Recent information suggests that the phone’s pricing strategy aligns closely with the current market trend.

Price Details Emerge

Google’s Pricing Strategy: The notion that Google would introduce a budget-friendly or complimentary device remains unconfirmed. In addition, the standard monthly charges are unlikely to be on the lower side. Contrary to popular belief, the Nexus One might not bring about a massive disruption in the mobile market.

Contractual Pricing: Insider sources like Jason Chen highlight that buyers may be asked to shell out $179.99 for the Nexus One. This is on the condition they commit to a two-year contract with T-Mobile, which comes at $79.99 per month.

Unlocked Phone Option: For those who prefer flexibility in their service provider, an unlocked Nexus One is available. However, this choice comes with a price tag of $529.99.

Comparison with Market Leaders

Despite these prices, the Nexus One remains accessible to the average consumer. When considering the costs associated with T-Mobile, the Nexus One can position itself as a strong contender against Apple’s iPhone. Therefore, if the Nexus One delivers on its hardware promise, Apple might need to brace for some robust competition.

Awaiting Further Information

With all eyes set on the upcoming Android press event this Tuesday, there’s hope for more definitive data. This would provide a clearer perspective on the Nexus One’s offerings and its standing in the mobile market.

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