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Email Marketing Budgets Set For Increase In 2010

Budgeting for Success

According to a recent survey by Silverpop, 40% of email marketers are set to increase their budgets for the channel in 2010. Meanwhile, 47% mentioned that their budgets would remain constant. This decision hints at the sustained trust marketers place on email as an effective communication medium.

Prioritizing Customer Loyalty and Revenue

The future focus of email marketing, as indicated by the survey, leans heavily towards building customer loyalty and driving revenue. An impressive 52% of respondents highlighted that their primary email marketing goal for the coming year was to boost customer loyalty. Additionally, 51% are keen on using their email campaigns to generate incremental revenue. This sentiment is even more prevalent among those with substantial email budgets, with 65% identifying it as their primary goal for 2010.

Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop, shared insights on the findings. “When consumers tighten their budgets, astute marketers remain respectful and attentive. Their goal is to ensure their brands remain prominent, awaiting the time customers decide to purchase.” He added, “Marketers today recognize the pivotal role of nurturing relationships in a fruitful marketing approach. They acknowledge the unparalleled capacity of emails to captivate customers.”

Addressing Email Challenges in 2010

While the majority of marketers have a positive outlook on email’s potential in fulfilling their 2010 objectives, they are not without concerns. A significant 37% of those surveyed voiced that the most substantial obstacle they anticipate is “inbox clutter.” This refers to the inundation of emails users receive daily, which can drown out even the most well-crafted messages.

The Convergence of Email, Social Media, and SMS

The integration of different communication channels appears to be on the rise. Data from the survey reveals that a whopping 84% of marketers plan to amalgamate social media into their email campaigns in the forthcoming year. Additionally, 38% are set to incorporate SMS into their marketing mix.

For marketers planning a budget increase, the inclination to embrace these channels is even more pronounced. Among this group, 89% are looking to weave in social media, and 44% are considering the inclusion of SMS.

Nussey underscores the potential of this integration. “Marrying email with mainstream social platforms can yield exceptional outcomes,” he notes. “Provided the content is timely and pertinent, recipients are more inclined to circulate them within their networks. This amplifies the chances for enhanced visibility.” Nussey also commented on the growing need to cater to the mobile customer base. “As customers increasingly go mobile, it’s imperative that marketing communicates with them promptly through avenues like SMS.”

The results of the Silverpop survey shed light on the evolving landscape of email marketing in 2010. With a clear emphasis on fostering customer loyalty, driving revenue, and integrating various communication platforms, marketers are gearing up for a transformative year ahead.

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