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What Accessories Should I Buy As A Wood Lathe Beginner?

Starting your journey with a wood lathe can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming due to the variety of tools and accessories available. As a beginner, equipping yourself with the right accessories is crucial for both safety and the quality of your work. Here’s a guide to the essential accessories you’ll need to get started with woodturning.

1. Lathe Tools (Chisels)

Turning Tools Set: A basic set of high-speed steel (HSS) lathe tools is indispensable. This typically includes:

Roughing Gouge: For rough shaping of the wood.

Spindle Gouge: For detailed work and finishing spindles.

Parting Tool: For cutting deep, narrow grooves and separating pieces.

Bowl Gouge: For shaping and hollowing out bowls.

Skew Chisel: For smooth cuts and finishing.

2. Sharpening Equipment

Grinding Wheel or Bench Grinder: Keeping your tools sharp is essential for effective and safe woodturning.

Sharpening Jig: Helps maintain consistent angles while sharpening your tools.

3. Chucks and Faceplates

Four-Jaw Chuck: Allows for versatile holding options, crucial for turning bowls and other non-spindle projects.

Faceplates: Attach to the wood for turning larger pieces that are difficult to hold with chucks.

4. Drive Centers and Live Centers

Drive Center: Fits into the headstock to drive the workpiece.

Live Center: Fits into the tailstock and supports the workpiece, reducing friction.

5. Calipers and Measuring Tools

Vernier Calipers: For precise measurements of diameters.

Dividers: For marking and transferring measurements.

6. Sandpaper and Finishing Supplies

Sandpaper: Various grits (from coarse to fine) for smoothing and finishing your workpieces.

Wood Finish: Such as wax, oil, or varnish to protect and enhance the appearance of your finished pieces.

7. Safety Gear

Face Shield: Essential to protect your face from flying debris.

Dust Mask or Respirator: Protects your lungs from dust particles.

Hearing Protection: Reduces noise exposure from the lathe and other machinery.

8. Lathe Accessories

Tool Rest: Adjustable and must be suitable for the size of your lathe and the types of projects you plan to undertake.

Tailstock Accessories: Such as drill chucks for boring operations.

9. Wood Blanks

Turning Blanks: Pre-cut pieces of wood in various species and sizes to practice your turning.

Additional Tips

Workbench or Stand: Ensure your lathe is securely mounted on a sturdy bench or stand to minimize vibrations.

Lighting: Good lighting is crucial for detailed work. Consider adjustable task lighting.


Starting with the right accessories can make your woodturning experience more enjoyable and productive. Focus on acquiring high-quality tools and equipment that will last and perform well. As you gain experience, you can expand your toolkit with more specialized accessories.

For more detailed guidance and reviews on specific brands and models, you can explore resources such as woodworking forums, instructional videos, and tool reviews.

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