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Exploring Book Series Similar to Person of Interest (and other AI-related TV shows)

The TV series Person of Interest captivated audiences with its intriguing blend of artificial intelligence, surveillance, and crime-solving. If you’re a fan of the show and looking for similar themes in literature, several book series delve into the convergence of technology, AI, and thriller elements. Here are some notable book series that echo the themes and atmosphere of Person of Interest.

1. The Brilliance Trilogy by Marcus Sakey

Overview: The series begins with Brilliance, set in a world where 1% of the population is born with extraordinary abilities known as “Brilliants”. Federal agent Nick Cooper, a brilliant himself, uses his special skills to track down terrorists who pose a threat to society.

Similarities: Like Person of Interest, this series explores the implications of advanced abilities (akin to AI) and how they are used to prevent crime and maintain societal order. It delves into themes of surveillance, ethics, and the balance of power.

2. The Daemon Series by Daniel Suarez

Overview: Starting with Daemon, the series follows the aftermath of the death of a legendary game designer, Matthew Sobol, who leaves behind a self-sufficient AI system called the Daemon. This system starts to execute his plans to take over the world, leading to a high-stakes battle between the AI and humanity.

Similarities: This series shares the central theme of AI wielding significant power and the subsequent ethical and societal challenges. The Daemon’s pervasive surveillance and control mechanisms echo the all-seeing Machine from Person of Interest.

3. The Singularity Series by William Hertling

Overview: The series, starting with Avogadro Corp, explores the rise of AI through the story of a tech company that accidentally creates a sentient AI. The series follows the evolution of AI and its impact on society, delving into themes of control, ethics, and the future of humanity.

Similarities: Hertling’s series offers a deep dive into the development of AI and its potential to influence and manipulate human affairs, much like the Machine and Samaritan in Person of Interest.

4. The Nexus Trilogy by Ramez Naam

Overview: The trilogy starts with Nexus, set in a near-future where a drug called Nexus allows humans to connect their minds. The protagonist, Kaden Lane, enhances Nexus, which attracts the attention of both government agencies and underground organizations.

Similarities: The series explores themes of surveillance, government control, and the ethical implications of advanced technology, mirroring the tension and intrigue of Person of Interest.

5. The Expanse Series by James S.A. Corey

Overview: Beginning with Leviathan Wakes, this series is set in a future where humanity has colonized the solar system. While it’s primarily a space opera, it includes elements of AI, political intrigue, and advanced technology that affect the balance of power.

Similarities: The interplay of technology and human affairs, along with the intricate plots and character dynamics, provides a rich narrative that fans of Person of Interest would appreciate.

6. The John Rain Series by Barry Eisler

Overview: This series follows John Rain, a half-Japanese, half-American assassin specializing in making his hits look like natural causes. The books combine espionage, action, and technology in a modern setting.

Similarities: While not focused on AI, the series shares the modern espionage and surveillance elements central to Person of Interest. Rain’s methods and ethical dilemmas parallel the covert operations and moral questions faced by Reese and Finch.

7. The Paratwa Trilogy by Christopher Hinz

Overview: The trilogy starts with Liege-Killer and is set in a future where humanity faces threats from genetically engineered assassins known as Paratwa. These beings possess enhanced abilities and operate under the control of hidden agendas.

Similarities: The concept of enhanced beings and the covert battles against them aligns with the advanced AI and clandestine operations in Person of Interest.

For fans of Person of Interest, these book series offer a mix of advanced technology, ethical dilemmas, and thrilling plots. Whether exploring the rise of AI, the impact of surveillance, or the moral complexities of using advanced technology to prevent crime, these books provide rich narratives that capture the essence of what made Person of Interest so compelling. Dive into these series to explore further the intriguing intersections of technology, ethics, and human nature.

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