Tuesday, July 23, 2024

YouTube Unveils Video Targeting Tool

Some people tend to shrug their shoulders when presented with options.  Others know exactly what they want.  For this second set – or at least the members of the second set who work for advertising agencies – a new Video Targeting tool from YouTube promises to be of great use.

A post on the YouTube Blog explained, “Video Targeting is modeled after similar Google planning tools and pretty much does what it says: it gives advertisers more control of their ad campaigns by letting them choose specific YouTube partner content they’d like to target.”

The post then continued, “The tool is flexible and helps advertisers discover videos relevant to their campaign and their target audience: it suggests videos based on keywords (like politics or fashion), viewer demographics (like age and gender), interest-based categories, or some combination of the three.  Or, if an advertiser has a video in mind, they can see if it’s available to target specifically.”

And as an example, a popular clip that critics of YouTube have singled out at for being impossible to monetize was shown in a screenshot.

Here’s one important note, though: at the moment, Video Targeting is in beta, so it may be a while before advertisers that don’t have a special relationship with YouTube have the opportunity to give it much of a spin.

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