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Work Effectively In An Inspiring Environment

Are there times when you know you could be more effective and productive? Do you want to feel more excited, enthusiastic and inspired? Your environment plays a big part in this and discovering an inspiring environment is a worthwhile investment in yourself and the people you work with.

Different people are inspired by different things. Music, colours, feelings, people, peace and quiet and your whole environment influence your inspiration. When you feel inspired your commitment will be higher and you’ll get more done in less time. Imagine working in a place where you can give your absolute best.

If time is being wasted by procrastination, distractions around you or your mind drifting away and you know that you could be more effective in what you’re achieving, take a look at what you need to change.

For me, there were times I’ve worked very effectively. If I was writing it flowed naturally but at other times it was a struggle. I felt frustrated by this and realised that this happened partly because I felt isolated, working on my own and staring at the 4 walls of my office. I needed to be in an environment that was conducive to writing and working effectively and not always on my own. I made a number of changes to my office and included music. This helped quite a bit but my intuition said, “go to a coffee shop”. I resisted this intuition for a while because of fear. Fear that I wouldn’t be working hard enough because, surrounded as I was by the work hard ethic, the pressure to conform was strong. I felt I had too much to do to leave my office and enjoying sitting in a coffee shop didn’t seem to fit with running a business.

However, I needed to trust my intuition and if I was going to be that person, going to the coffee shop was the next step forward. It took me a while before I finally trusted myself and I found a great little coffee shop in a bookshop. Perfect! There was a buzz around me of people who were relaxed and chatting. It’s fairly peaceful and yet there are things going on. I don’t feel isolated and on my own. Sinking back into a big soft chair feels luxurious and relaxing. I’ve found that when I’m relaxed I work best. My commitment to writing is so much higher, I get ideas out of my head and onto paper with amazing results. It feels more fun for me and there’s definitely an element of rebellion in not conforming to the usual image of running a business from an office, under intense pressure, dressed professionally, when I’m sitting there in jeans and a t-shirt. Working can be fun and free of struggle.

What environment do you and the people you work with need to work at an optimum level? Take the lead and discover what is needed. Be outrageous with your ideas; don’t just choose the most obvious ones. Harness your power of choice and demonstrate that it’s possible to work in an inspiring, enthusiastic way.

Start by identifying what happens when inspiration and effectiveness are low. Listen for ideas and clues from yourself and the people you work with. Is your working area too cluttered, too noisy, too quiet, too distractive? Consider what you need instead. Would time away from the office help, some soft relaxing chairs, or what? To be inspired requires that you shift who you are being as a person. What shift do you personally need to make?

Wendy Hearn works with business owners, professionals and executives to discover and unlock their own inspiration, to effortlessly take the actions required to have the success they desire. To receive Wendy’s free newsletter, send an email to: Copyright 2003, Wendy Hearn. All rights reserved.

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