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Why You Need A Domain Name

Yep … I’m going to tell you what you’ve probably heard a dozen times already – get your own domain name.

The reasons why?

Not having your own domain name will create the following perception in the minds of most people:

  • Probably new
  • Definitely small
  • Maybe part time
  • Probably not a real company
  • A strong possibility of being a “shady operator”
  • Having your own domain does not lead people to automatically trust you.

    However, with this small step you will successfully alter their perception of you to:

  • Probably established
  • Could be large or small
  • Full time
  • Probably a real company
  • Being a “shady operator” not impossible
  • Can you see the potential in the differences?

    Another important point of course is branding. You want your name to become known and familiar. Something that people can remember easily. Something they will associate with what you do. That’s a tall order if you don’t have your own name to begin with.

    With your own domain name, plus the right words and correct image, your task of creating trust is that much easier. Again…

    You LOOK the part!

    Don’t put it off until your more established. If you name your site something and wait for it to become reasonably popular before deciding to register your name, you will probably find you’re too late. Someone else will have already taken the name!

    Then what will you do?

    If you need further convincing, just imagine having to change host’s for your site. All the work of promoting of your URL goes into the trash! Sure you might be able to set up a redirect for a couple of months, but ultimately you’d have to do all your previous promotion again.

    Even worse … what if the host closed the service?

    Immediately every single link to your site from anywhere in the universe is broken! All search engine and directory listings would be useless to you, as would be any of your articles archived in other publications!

    You will loose all of your visitors that aren’t on your email list …

    … frightening isn’t it!

    As a domain name is simply a pointer to an address, having your own domain name means you can change hosts at any time. The name remains the same, only the address of the server it points to changes.

    No loss of visitors, no wasted promotion!

    With the cost of new domain names now cheaper than ever, you really have no excuse for not obtaining your own. Of the many registration services that are mushrooming online, the cheapest I’ve found to date is where you can register domain names for only $13.50 a year.

    Keep in mind that names ending in “.com” carry most weight for business sites and will continue to do so for a long time to come. If you feel you really must have a certain name and the “.com” version has already gone “.net” is the next best choice.

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