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What Every Webmaster Must Know

If you were like me when you started you were probably thinking, “If I have a reputable name and offer high-quality, unique products, great customer service with secure buying on my web site, the visitors and sales will be rolling in.” But that isn’t always the case.

I didn’t have any sales or too many visitors. So then I focused on advertising and increasing traffic on my site. I submitted to top search engines and directories, and the traffic started pouring in –especially after being listed in Yahoo. But still with the increased traffic there were no sales. After looking into and reading reports that stated the majority of sales is with a returned/repeat customer (up to 3 to 5 returns before purchasing) I felt a little better.

So the KEY strategy is “GIVING VISITORS A REASON TO RETURN TO YOUR SITE”. Some ideas to getting returned visitors are:

  • Adding fresh new contents – Top News Stories, Features etc. (example:
  • Adding a Chat Room
  • Adding Searches
  • Creating a community (example: for a Christian site having prayer requests, submitting your own articles and stories, etc.)

But the best of all that I found to return customers is offering them a free e-mail account. They will repeatedly return to check and manage their e-mail account. And a few special bonuses with that is you can add a signature to the e-mails sent (Get a free e-mail at!) advertising your site. In addition you can have the ad space available (Login and Logout pages) to sell or use and it’s all FREE to you. You get to offer a great service to your visitors, get returned customers, get free advertising, and free ad space all for FREE! Can’t beat it!

For a list of web sites and links to programs I use and highly recommend go to and click on: Attention Webmasters.

I hope this could be of some benefit to you. Best of luck and success to all of you.

Violet James is a marketing consultant for over 14 years. Co-owner and designer of – the place to find books, gifts, inspirational articles, humor, love & romance, free stuff and more.

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