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3 Ways to Get More Sales When You Advertise

Here are 3 powerful marketing tactics you can use to get more sales the next time you advertise. All 3 work for any business. And you can use them effectively on the Internet or in traditional media.


Most people dislike making a decision to buy something when it forces them to reject or delay buying something else they also want. They’re afraid to make a decision they may regret later. Many prospects faced with this choice spend a lot of time evaluating their options. They can’t make a clear choice so they make NO decision at all …and you lose a sale.

That’s why it’s more effective to promote only 1 product or service each time you advertise. Develop separate ads, web pages, sales letters, etc. to promote each product or service you offer. Limit your prospect’s decision to only “Yes” or “No” instead of “Yes”, “No” or “Which One”. You’ll get more “Yes” decisions this way.

TIP: Sometimes you can successfully combine 2 or more related products or services into a special offer. But limit your customer’s decision to “Yes” or “No”. Don’t include an option to buy any of the items separately.


Customers buy from you because they want to enjoy the benefit produced by using your product or service. They want to get that benefit fast. And they want your product to be easy to use — or your service to produce results without disturbing their daily routine.

Keep this in mind as you develop your ads, web pages, sales letters and other sales tools. Use vivid word pictures to dramatize the pleasant feeling your customer will experience when he or she enjoys the benefit produced by your product or service.

Here are 3 examples of descriptive word pictures used by different businesses…

“No boss. No schedule. No debt. Money to buy what you want and time to spend having fun.” (Business opportunity offer)

“More prospective clients than you can handle will call you every day.” (Sales lead service)

“You’ll feel good, look younger and enjoy playing active sports without getting tired.” (Weight loss product)


Most prospects will not buy from you the first time they hear about your product or service …or the first time they visit your web site. They may be very interested in what you offer. But other priorities prevent them from buying NOW.

You can recover many of these “almost sales” with a follow up system. Follow up systems produce very profitable sales because they don’t involve any advertising expense.

Your follow up system can be as simple as periodically contacting previous prospects with a new offer for your product or service.

Another effective follow up method is to distribute an informative newsletter with topics related to your product or service. A newsletter automatically reminds prospects about you every time they get it. This is especially effective for marketing on the Internet where your newsletter can be distributed free by email.

TIP: Develop a method to capture and save the names and contact information of prospects who didn’t buy from you. You need it to follow up.

Use these 3 marketing tactics to make your advertising more effective and more profitable. They will increase the number of sales you get without increasing your advertising costs.

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