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Top 10 Tips to Promote Your Books Through Flyers

A good, inexpensive way to promote your books is a flyer. What makes one flyer so much better than another? Use these tips to make yours stand out from the crowd.

1. Include your front cover. People want to see what your book looks like. Color is great, but not necessary. Make sure your colored book cover copies well in black and white. It’s far cheaper to print in black and white.

2. Hook your prospective buyers in the top line. For instance, read about SEX as it really is! Give your audience a reason to buy–Show those benefits!

3. Include some juicy excerpts. Buyers want to see a sample of your writing.

4. Include your picture with a brief biography near it. People want to see what the author looks like. Place it on the right side if possible.

5. Add praise from others. This is the most important way to market. The praise doesn’t have to be from famous people. One author added a testimonial from a convict!

6. Put ordering information on a coupon at the flyer’s bottom. Include ISBN number, Web site URL, and discount information.

7. Make it easy to buy. Say you accept credit cards, checks or money orders. Include your 800 number.

8. Give your buyers all the ways to stay in touch with you-street address, e-mail, Web Site, local phone and fax number, and 800 number.

9. Carry at least 25 flyers with you in a folder. Give one to every person you meet. Remember the “law of seven.” After seven exposures, you have a buyer!

10. Use the backside of the flyer. Multiply buying results with more testimonials on the back. Include a longer excerpt from your book.

Your flyer is an extension of your book, and one of the least expensive ways to market with print. Print hundreds, even thousands so your book buying public can easily purchase your book.

Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing Coach works with small business people who want to make a difference in people’s lives, build their credibility and clients, and make a consistent life-long income. Author of 10 eBooks including “Write your eBook Fast,” “How to Market your Business on the Internet,” and “Create your Web Site With Marketing Pizzazz,” she offers free help through her 2 monthly ezines, The Book Coach Says…and Business Tip of the Month at and over 145 free articles. Email her at

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