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3 Tips to keep your visitors at your web site.”

Here are 3 easy techniques to keep your visitors, once they have arrived, at your web pages.

1) Be sure to offer easy navigation.

How long will you look for something that interests you on a web site that’s cluttered with irrelevant info? Not long? Well, you’re not the only one 馃檪

People will leave quicker if they have a hard time finding what they’re looking for, so don’t confuse or distract them or they will leave immediately.

Salvation from chaos on the Web is only one mouseclick away 馃檪

2) Use the outside command line.

You can keep a visitor at your site by using the outside command line in your HTML-code.

Add target=”newpage” inside of the html section. Here’s an example of the code:

3) Place a search engine on your site.

Another way to keep people on your site, is to set up a search option. Your visitors will stay longer because it gives them the option of searching through your site using keywords.

You can get a FREE search engine here:

It’s easy to set up, updates happen automatically, and when your visitors perform a search, they will not click away from your pages.

Happy promoting!

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