Thursday, July 25, 2024

Tigers Need Computer Infrastructure Too

IBM and Cisco did their part to make it easier to care for the big cats and several other species residing at North Carolina’s Carnivore Preservation Trust.

Big predatory felines bring a new definition to having one’s head bitten off for failing to keep network resources available as needed.

Siblings Rajah and Kaela take it easy at the Carnivore Preservation Trust. They were found abandoned alongside a rural North Carolina road but now call the wildlife sanctuary home.

However, people at IBM and Cisco were up to the task of donating equipment to upgrade the infrastructure at the Carnivore Preservation Trust. IBM dropped in a significant server and storage upgrade, while Cisco increased the local network’s speed and capabilities, including a VoIP system for better phone service.

Further enhancement of the technology will add video surveillance of the animals residing at CPT. The tech companies touted this as enabling better security, remote veterinary care, and live video streaming.

“With more Americans trying unsuccessfully to keep wild animals like tigers as pets, sanctuaries like CPT end up providing the proper care and shelter the animals need,” said Pam Fulk, executive director, CPT.

Tex the tiger relaxes in a cool bath at the Carnivore Preservation Trust in Pittsboro, NC.

“With the considerable donation of servers and networking by IBM and Cisco, CPT has experienced a 100 percent boost in productivity. Our staff and volunteers can now focus on caring for the carnivores, while also dramatically boosting educational programs to help these amazing animals out in captivity and in the wild.”

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