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The Power of Presenting a Team Approach

No man is an island unto himself. We’ve heard that for years, along with the fact that we need to work together as a team, but do we really practice teamwork?

In the presentation arena, teamwork plays a vital role. To better understand and utilize the power of a team, I recommend that you break teamwork into three distinct areas.
You + Team Members

The first and most common is the relationship between you and your team members. You have an obvious need to be in tune with key individuals at certain times, such as the writer while preparing a presentation, the Tele prompter during the presentation, and your personal assistant when organizing or discussing details that relate to your presentation.

Every one of the people who help you directly are playing a vital part in making your presentation as success. They are a team working together for your good. Yes, they benefit as well, but they are working to support you.

Have you considered allowing them to support each other? Most people don’t think to have their top leaders work together.
Team Members + Team Members

From the writer, graphics personnel, and Tele prompter to the assistant, PR person, communication department, each person or department leader plays an important part in the overall team’s success. But do they ever get together so that they are on the same page? Are they truly working together so that as a team they will be able to contribute even more?

A good example of this might be to have your graphics department interface with your writer. When the graphics people know the content and focus of the presentation, they can bring increased value by tying in a video or related news clip. This not only captures the attention of those in attendance, but it also gives you a few minutes to catch your breath and prepare for the next part of your presentation.

By creating a specialized team, you will be able to tap effectively into the expertise of your organization. A video, lasting a mere 3 minutes, might save you 10-12 minutes of speaking time. You could also have other footage that added “entertainment” value and humor to your presentation.

Regardless of how your team members work together, your goal ought to be to have them all on the same page working together for everyone’s common good. That not only makes for an enjoyable working environment, but it makes for an incredible presentation package!
Team + Team

The third area and least common is that of one presentation team working together with other presentation teams. This is almost unheard of, but why is that?

When you are scheduled to present, how do you know you won’t be presenting what the person ahead of you just presented? There will be overlap, but is it necessary?

At semi-annual meetings, for example, teams could easily work together so that the presentations are in sync and not repetitive. A little time spent together prior to the planning of a meeting would do wonders for the teams and for the individual presenters. The teams for top executives should at least be this coordinated.
Team effort

When you deliver a speech, you are delivering far more than a collection of words and sentences. You are delivering a total message that includes words, visual effects, audio effects, and an intangible aura that will either build up or detract from your image as a leader. Your audiences have a high expectation level for your messages, and you can’t afford to disappoint them. I believe your goal should be to EXCEED their expectations every time.

A good team working together-with you, with each other, and with other teams-gives you an added ability to do much more much more easily.

Tony Jeary Mr. Presentation – has conducted hundred of training events worldwide for a variety of clients including DaimlerChrysler, New York Life, Ford Wal-Mart, Sams Club and Texaco. Among his personal coaching clients are Peter Lowe and the president of Ford Motor Company. He is the author of over 10 books on the subject of presentation, including Inspire Any Audience and The Complete Guide to Effective Facilitation. For a free 1 page 10 Steps to Understanding, Building and Making Power Presentations flow chart on the 3-D Outline, and other information on personal coaching and custom presentation workshops, visit our website at, email Tony at, or call 1-877-2-INSPIRE.

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