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The Most Powerful But Overlooked Success Rule in Cyberspace

Before I begin, I want you to read this article with an understanding that there’s no way, you can make a fortune until you realize the importance of a basic success rule. This article reveals the secret that makes you a winner in this crowded battlefield of Internet warriors. Get the rule, and then swiftly apply it in your your marketing model.

It wasn’t until recently when I figured out, what is the single most important secret to success for any Internet business. To my astonishment, I found that it is right under my nose. We talk about it all the time, but we never tend to apply it aptly in our business practices. In case you’re curious, here’s the single most powerful word in cyberspace, its called “FOCUS”.

I know, I know you’ve heard this word a million times. But to measure the vast benefits associated with this word, and to be able to appreciate its effectiveness on the Net, I think we shall better explore it a little further.
Why do you think marketing gurus like Mike Enlow, Jay Abraham and some other celebrities are enjoying huge successes? Is it their destiny? Or are they programmed for success? Do you really think they have any magical formula that made them successful? Well, maybe, but there’s one thing all these gurus have in common. Their entire success model can be summed up in a single phrase

“They are *intensely focused* on the product or service they offer.”

You have countless success stories all around you. Businesses with intensely focused programs are enjoying phenomenal success at unprecedented growth rates. Still it amazes me, why people tend to f orget this basic ingredient of success. It’s all common sense, but unfortunately common sense isn’t very common.

One reason is looking at the fact that majority of people on the Internet really do not know, what to do, where to go, and how to do things that earns them a living. They get exposed to different money making programs and enticing hype-filled promises, that they don’t find a way out of this entrapment.

Consequently, they get involved in making web sites that sells everything from needle to air tickets, and expects huge amount of cash inflow as part of their newly made efforts. Unfortunately, this sort of selling technique does not bring any positive result whatsoever, unless you’re Wal-Mart or some other big trusted hyper- store.

When I started out, this happened with me as well. I had been bombarded by numerous hyped filled scams, and money making programs that kept my attention intact tothem for at least 6 months time. I tried my guts out to market aggressively, but I never made any serious money. Soon after that time, I realize that in order to establish myself, I need to be consistent and sensible in making my own battle plan to work for me, if I were to make a comfortable living. I started pulling all sort weird ideas from my brain, jot them down to a piece of paper and eloquently selected few ideas that I thought will definitely get good results.

So I got along with a relatively simple idea, and narrowed my focus to the extent where I feel that it cannot be broken down any further. Fortunately as expected, the idea did work, and I ended up with the net sales of $2759 during my first week of operation. I was in the money, and in this whole process, I discovered this single basic rule of success that was right under my nose and I never thought it could bring such phenomenal results.

I learned a lesson, and I’d like to share it with you here. Don’t ever make your focus broad. Keep narrowing it to the extent where you feel that it’s the ultimate viable fit for your target audience.

If your product is geared towards “women” in general, carve down your niche and retarget on a more specific and benefit oriented solution, example “women -> women’s health – > pregnancy -> nutritional requirement in pregnancy -> your product.”

You can make your own hierarchy within the type of industry you’re involved, but consider having the best viable fit with intensely focused customer needs.

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