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The Monsters Out Of The Cage Part 2

In part one of this article we covered why electronic publishing is such a powerful breakthrough, allowing even the new online marketer to cash in.

If you missed part one you can get a copy via autoresponder. Mailto:monster1@i…

For the purposes of these articles we’re going to assume you’ve either written your own ebook, are a reseller for the author, or you’ve purchased the resale rights to a book.

You’ve got your money machine, how do you get it to start spitting out cash.

Here’s a simple step by step plan to getting started on a shoestring budget and reinvest profits to grow your money tree.

Step 1:

The first thing you’ll need is a collection of classified ads that will peak the readers interest and take action.

The purpose of the classified is to get you the lead. It’s not designed to make the sale.

If you’d like to learn how to write powerful classified ads download a free copy of “How To Make A Fortune With Classified Ads” at:

The classified ad is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. They’re low cost and carry a big punch.

Step 2:

You’ve got your classified ads ready to start pulling in the leads, now you’ll need a powerful sales letter to close the sale. Sales letters are an art in themselves.

If you haven’t written sales letters before, the best place to start is by reading “Million Dollar Sales Letters”. This famous book contains 15 powerful sales letters that have created millions of dollars in sales for companies such as the Wall Street Journal.

Find a sales letter that fits your offer and customize it to fit your style. You can download a free copy of this awesome book at:

Ok. You’re almost there.

* You’ve got the next sure-fire best seller.

* You’ve got the attention grabbing, lead generating classified ads ready to work their magic.

* You’ve got your million dollar sales letter ready to close the sale and start filling your inbox with orders.

Wow! We’ve come a long way. In part 3 we’ll work on setting up your order grabbing direct response web site.

In the words of Hannibal Hayes from the A Team, “I love it when a plan starts to come together.”

Wishing You Success, John

John has been writing on the Internet for 5 years and has a
special gift for you. Sign up for your complementary e-Course
“How To Build Your Business With Free Advertising.” Visit:

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