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10 Successful Strategies For Profitable Sales Letters!

1) Start with a headline. Right up front give your products strongest benefit. Make a promise in your headline, and then explain how the promise and benefits work to the customers potential in the body of your sales letter.

2) Tell a story. Give a little of yourself in your sales presentation. Let the reader know you, your hopes and dreams. Share the disappointments you encountered along the way, and divulge how you overcame them. Nothing endears a reader and turns them into a customer quicker than knowing who they’re handing their money to.

3) Sell your product hard. Grab your products best benefits and assemble them into easy to skim exciting mini bulleted headlines. I’ve often purchased products online after reading the first three benefits and seeing one or two I need.

4) Give the reader something to think about. Present them with questions that keep them interested and make them think. “Are you ready to take your business to the next level”? “Are you willing to invest in your financial future?” “Can you really afford to walk away from this offer”?

5) Sell your product with confidence. Assume that anyone with any sense is going to buy your product. Use phrases like “With your order today.” This is an assumptive phrase. Everyone wants to act like they know what’s going on, and some will even feel wrong not having the product because your sales letter presents it like there’s no other option for them.

6) Write your sales letter from your customer’s perspective. Put yourself in his or her shoes as you compose it and really feel what someone visiting your site is feeling.

7) Place strong calls to action and offer additional bonuses for ordering now. You’ll see this on every infomercial you watch. Bonuses worth ten times the cost and large flashing letters that scream order now! A call to action instructs to act now, and it works! Plus, if the potential customer doesn’t order at that instant, chances are slim they’ll make the purchase later.

8) Give multiply ordering opportunities. Make it easy to pay by placing links in multiple places. Use bold print to make them stand out. Create a mini headline for your order link that makes it hard to resist clicking it.

9) Appeal to the reader’s dream. Center in on what they hope to accomplish by visiting your site, and tell them how you’re going to give it to them. If your classified ad was for an offer to make money online, then you know these people have dreams of working in their underwear. Address that dream, and you’ve made yourself a customer.

10) And finally, offer a strong satisfaction guarantee, and you’ve got a sales letter that grabs the reader by the throat and doesn’t let go until they input their credit card information.

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