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My husband didn’t believe me when I received my first order!

You know, when last November I told my husband “I am going to write a book”, he laughed. What kind of a book could a former music teacher possibly write? Especially the one he is married to 馃檪 Who cares if she has a computer degree!

I got all my smarts together and in 3 months completed my first book on how to make a web site for newbies. My husband was still laughing. He kept saying, “just show me the money!” A week after I released my new book, I was able to show him the money.

When my first order came in, I was jumping up and down (after all, I was too a bit skeptical about making money with this book). My first customer was very excited to be the first one. “What do ya know! I am the first at something!”, he said.

After that many more sales came in, but that first one was absolutely unforgettable.The feeling of making something on your own and having people like it and pay for it, is absolutely incredible (sometimes I think it’s better than sex! 馃檪

It is August now. I have finished my 3rd book for webmasters. I am still enjoying my sales (slow but steady) and so far have made over $10,000 selling my books. I know it is not a 6-figure income. It is not even enough to quit my full-time job. But hey, it has only been 7 months since I started my business and this figure is realistic. And as they say in Russia, “the slower you go, the further you’ll get!”

The scariest part is behind. What was the scariest part? Making the first sale. The rest was easy! I have learned a lot more about having a successful web site since I started my business. It doesn’t take much. Only one thing: consistence. Sounds simple? Yes, but not everyone has the patience to keep going.

Personally, I don’t think I stopped even for a day to take a break. Every day I do something to promote it – exchange links with other webmasters, submit my site to Search Engines, write an article, improve my web site, place a classified ad… The list can go on and on. The point is, if I can make money on the Web, anyone can. I know it sounds like a cliche, but believe me: work DOES bring money. Smart work brings a LOT of money. I’ll just have to get a little smarter yet 馃檪

I hope this letter inspired you as much as someone’s newsletter inspired me once. Before I wrote my book, I received a newsletter from someone. It started like this:

“Tomorrow my wife and I are moving into a new house. I have finally been able to quit my job and devote all of my time to my business… My wife is staying with our newborn at home. Life is grand!”

Milana Nastetskaya is a full time web developer and the author of the “65 Instant Web Design Answers”. http://www.instantwebanswers.com

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