Thursday, July 25, 2024

Missed Once,Twice, Thrice Got It

Like many of you, I am one of those Entrepreneur types. Give me Line, and I’ll Step Over It. Tell Me I Can’t, Just Watch Me! Big Dreams In My Heart Comin’ True ? You Betcha !

I missed the first chance. Why? The *They* People said: Lifes Success Looks *this* way.

One of my many career/livelihoods was owning & franchising my own Fitness Centers, from which I also developed a Unique Approach to weight loss. I loved being who I was when I was doing that.

But, I went back to *work* for Corporate America. Did that for 5 years. Made good money, had great perks, was optimistic and enthusiastic, but not happy. Only then I did not know what happy in my livelihood meant because of what the *they* people said Success is supposed to look like and how you get there.

While I was in corporate America & also being an Entre- preneur, I started my own mail order business. And I started getting checks in the mail for something I loved and was good at. Wow, what a Feeling !

Corporate America changed, and I, because of the *they* people conditioning went with another Corporation, more and better big bucks and perks, still not happy. And again for the 2nd time, I gave up what I loved doing, because of the *time* needed to devote to the corporate thing, and because *success and financial security* was supposed to*look like this*.

Then It came. No More. I could not take it. I knew there was more, I just did not know what it was. I quit reading all of the Business & Marketing stuff that I used to love & absorb like a sponge, it was my hobby reading all of that great stuff.

Instead, I chose to find out how stuff really works, and not how we are *taught* it works. And this now 3rd time, I am working totally for myself. I have a very profitable E-Media Business that is fun and full of money and the momentum increases daily.

My Moral to this story: Forget the *they* people and what you’ve been *taught*. *Swing for the Fences*, and then just watch what happens to your life ! (sj)

Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly
Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our
lives. Covering Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes
from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods.
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